Advice For NFL Bettors Heading Into 2019

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The 2019 NFL season is here, which means that one of the most popular sports to bet on is back as well. And, for NFL bettors, a new season often means having to make adjustments from the year before based on changes to each roster that could mean the difference between winning and losing wagers. These ideas, in particular, can make adjusting for a new season easier, to get a bettor up to speed for another year of NFL wagering.

Understanding Team Situations

It’s clear which teams are favorites and underdogs heading into each season but failing to put those designations into the proper context can make it difficult to make accurate predictions. Evaluating roster changes and understanding how the performance of a team from the year before can affect their standing heading into the following season are both keys to making bets with a mindset that is appropriate for the upcoming season rather than the year prior.

A great example of this is the situation surrounding the Oakland Raiders. They had a rough 2019 season, with the acquisition of wide receiver Antonio Brown leading many to expect an improvement over last year’s squad. However, Brown is involved in a feud with the team already over whether or not he can use his old style of helmet, which could impact team chemistry and the team’s ability to come together to win games. There are often many layers to these evaluations, and betters should be willing to look into each team to see where they are headed.

Another example of this idea sits with the defending NFC champion Los Angeles Rams. Given the season they had last year, they may be overvalued as a favorite throughout the season. But thanks to the return of receiver Cooper Kupp, they may improve offensively over the course of the entire season, which could spell trouble for the rest of the league.

Look For Second Opinions

One of the most important things that any bettor can do is to look for other points of view before locking in their bets. After all, bettors who see things a certain way might overlook a crucial detail about the teams involved in a contest or a statistic that could show them another important angle to watch out for. Fortunately, the popularity of the NFL has made it so that alternative viewpoints on games are not hard to find.

Bettors can find free sports picks ahead of NFL games that often combine qualitative and quantitative analysis to help sports bettors fill in their blind spots, so to speak. Seeking out these picks can help bettors confront their biases or other factors that could get in the way of winning wagers, which is another way that NFL betting can be done more successfully in the long run.

There are, of course, other factors that bettors need to take into consideration heading into another year of NFL betting. But if bettors can abide by these two ideas to start out with, they will put themselves in an advantageous position when testing their NFL knowledge.