The White Suits #1 and #2 Comic Review

There is story told of a group of killers dressed in white suits. Unfortunately no one has ever been able to catch these specters as well as actually live to tell the story of their presence. This neo-noir series brings a captivating story along with a Sin City approach. This stellar story is brought to you by Frank Barbiere (Blackout) and art by Toby Cypress (Predator).

The Russian underground is being ravished by a mythical group of assassins leaving a trail of bodies and no leads to follow. Now these merciless killers have resurfaced in New York City and again are leaving a body count that has the mobsters scared shitless. The question is; who are The White Suits? This is the question that has an FBI agent, whom has retrograde amnesia, staying up all night. With a mysterious woman, who knows his real identity, he will try his damnedest to uncover this phantom group and eliminate them. Priz is hoping he can finally answer these question, more importantly, how this woman knows who he is!

I love this story. Plain and simple. Like I said, this has a nice Sin City artistic approach. Lots of blacks and greys, with certain objects and characters highlighted in bright reds. The narration aspect with Priz reminds me a lot of the structure that Marv had. The story is super captivating and riveting to the point where when you get to the end you have a feeling of what the hell!!!? Pick this up over at Dark Horse!