Veil #1 Review

Veil is an amazing new horror series being released by Dark Horse and created by Greg Rucka. A girl wakes up in a subway station that’s been abandoned for some time with no recollection of who she is and how she got there. When she finally gets her barrings and is able to stand up, she stumbles out of the station and onto the streets. The only problem is she is completely nude. While walking through she passes a group of haggardly looking men whom of course take interest in her, thus possibly leading to something terrible. Luckily one of the men is a gentleman and gives her a coat and takes her to his pad to get her some clothes and help. This ofcourse pisses the man off that “claimed” her first. This is where we see what Veil possesses thus leading to a ton of questions for the next installment. She apparently has the ability to take control of an individual and control them. Crazy shit! This results in 3 men dead and a ton of confusion.

The art and storyline are very intriguing. The art is a sketch design with heavy use of black thick lines and lots of fleshy tones. The story of course is super gripping. Veil does not have much to say, but rhyme, but her abilities lead into many questions. Of course I can not give perfect scores, but this is pretty damn close to a perfect start to a series. Can’t wait to delve into the upcoming issues!

\m/ Rock on!