Slugterra: Return of the Shane Gang

When in doubt slug it out right? Well in this fun sci-fi animated series, you can do exactly that! SLUGTERRA, brought to you by Shout! Kids Factory and Nerd Corps, follows the life of young Eli Shane, the son of the famous slug slinger from the world underground. Eli’s father, whom was in charge of keeping the peace in Slugterra, almost like a sheriff, is suddenly disposed of by the evil Dr. Blakk and his mysterious mutated slugs. Eli receives a letter from his father via his fathers’ most trusted slug Burpy, that he, Eli, must take over the role of peacekeeper in the world of Slugterra, so long that he never reveals that he is from “up top”. Now, with the help of Burpy, Eli will have to preserve the Shane name and keep Slugterra free of evil.

The rules of Slugterra are simple; out slug your opponent, and you get to take a slug from them. These “slugs” are actually living, breathing magical creatures that when fired from a high powered cannon, turn into different battle beasts. Eli inherited his fathers gear, but Burpy was his only slug. The easiest way to get slugs is to duel someone, but young Eli, though being a Shane, has never dueled before. This is evident when he first meets the witty Pronto. Eli enlists Pronto to be his guide in his quest to become the best “slugger” in the land. Along the way, Eli also meets some other very valuable individuals to help him along the way. Pronto enlists Eli in a tournament, so he could get some slugs and also some experience. While at the tourney, he runs into the sassy Trixie, who at first has no interest in even talking to Eli. When she finds out he is a Shane, she of course becomes a bit more interested. While this is all happening, Pronto is off trying to find Eli a sparring partner. In steps Kord, the burly, yet friendly, cave troll, whom instantly appreciates Eli and agrees to help him out. Now with a few duels under his belt, Eli is confident that he can take on the best of the best. But can Eli and his friends defeat Dr. Blakk’s henchmen, as well as the overly powerful Ghouls? Will young Eli be able to preserve the Shane name and strike fear into his oppressors? Dr. Blakk has met his match.


The video is actually a pretty impressive widescreen standard definition, being a DVD and all. I felt like the colors were pretty crisp, as well as the detail to the characters and environment. There was not too much lost during the quick scenes, except for a slight blur. This show would be interesting to see in high definition with its futuristic landscapes and magical slugs spurting out colorful clouds of enchantment. 4/5


The audio is your typical Dolby Digital 5.1. It is a pretty impressive audio track. The sounds of Slugterra come alive with a nice usage of the different channels. When the characters are dueling, you get a sense of actually being in the middle of the battle with the back channels adding ambient sound. Granted this track will not blow your speakers, it does give the watcher a feeling of being an inhabitant of Slugterra. 3.5/5

Special Features

*An Intro to Slugterra With Creator Asaph Fipke and Story Editor Rob Hoegee:Gives you a little background about the world that you are introduced to in this DVD.
*Animated Slugisodes:Shorts of the show that you can view online.

If you have children, then you might actually know about this show. I do not have children, but I did enjoy watching it. Its a fun, cute show that all kids will enjoy and fall in love with. This show sort of reminded me of a Pokemon or that show with the animals that are in balls. Like I said, if you have children and want to get them glued to a TV, check this one out. Its good, clean fun with likable characters and fun adventures. Thanks again to the people over at Shout! Factory. 4/5