Homeland Season 2 Blu-Ray Review

homeland season 2 blu-ray review

Homeland Season 3 just premiered on Showtime last week, and that means that Season 2 is now out on Blu-Ray for all to enjoy. There will be spoilers in this review for season 1 and 2, so if you don’t want to know what happens I suggest you stop reading now… Seriously, if you don’t want to ruin season 1, do not read this review.

Homeland Season 2 Blu-Ray Review

At the end of season 1, Brody (Damian Lewis) unsuccessfully detonated the bomb in the bunker, thus not killing any government officials. He does, however, end up killing Thomas Walker in order to tie up any lose ends regarding the failed mission. Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) has been convinced that she was wrong about Brody and that he wasn’t a traitor to the United States. In the very last scene from season 1 we see her laying in a hospital bed about to get shock therapy to help her illness. She ends up forgetting a very key piece of information that would have tied Brody to Abu Nazir in the process.

Fast forward to season 2, Carrie is no longer with the CIA and is living at home with her dad. Brody is now a congressman in the United States government and everyone loves him. Things couldn’t be better for either of them really… Obviously Carrie is a distraught by the fact that she is no longer in the CIA, but it doesn’t take long for Saul and David Estes to come calling when one of her old informants comes forward with some information about a meeting her husband is having with Abu Nazir. The only catch to getting the information out of her, is that she will only talk to Carrie.

After being temporarily reinstated, Carrie heads to the middle east to meet with her contact and obtain the information needed in order to possibly kill Nazir. Things don’t go to plan when Brody tips off Nazir to the CIA’s plan. How did Brody know? Brody has become awfully good friends with the Vice President and was invited into the war room to watch as the operation to kill Nazir went down. But Nazir isn’t the only piece of the puzzle here.

While Carrie is in the middle east talking with her informant, whose husband is a Hezbolla chief, she manages to gather some of his things from his office. Amongst those things, as Saul soon discovers, is a USB stick containing Brody’s confession video from season 1… Carrie was right the whole time. Once Saul shows her that she was right things really start to heat up as they use Brody to help find Nazir.

Homeland had such a solid first season that it was almost impossible for them to follow it up with something equally as great. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed season 2 and it definitely had some intense moments, but some of the middle episodes just seemed a little over-the-top. The whole appeal of the show is that you could actually see some of this stuff happening in the real world, but half way through season 2 it kind of jumps the shark. There are too many unbelievable aspects to things with people’s personal lives and just how the government would act, it just didn’t have the same feel as season 1. It did get much better towards the end with an amazing season finale, but it’s hard to see where it will go from there.

If you’re a fan of the show I definitely recommend picking up the blu-ray. The video quality is top notch and the audio isn’t too shabby either. Clear and crisp, it’s impossible to miss a beat of what’s going on in the show.

As for the special features, there are a fair amount included on the disc. The typical behind-the-scenes featurettes showing the decisions and process of making the season 2 finale, as well as a look into filming in Israel, and a documentary diary filmed by Damian Lewis himself. Combine that with some deleted scenes and a quick prologue to season 3 and you’ve got about 40 minutes worth of decent special features included on the blu-ray.

Like I said, if you’ve already got season 1 of Homeland in your collection there’s no reason you should not pick up season 2 on blu-ray.