Transformers Prime Season 2 Blu-Ray Review

So if you have been reading up, you know I am a huge fan of this series, as well as anything transformers. Yes I have transformers playing in the background as I review this. So here we are with the second season of the hit show on Hub Tv, Transformers Prime. This 4-disc Blu-ray pack comes with all 26 episodes with over 10 hours of bot-kicking action!

The story picks up after Optimus Prime and his AUTOBOTS defeated the individual that could have been the destruction of the AUTOBOTS forever, UNICRON. With this behind them, the Autobots are to believe that their darkest hours are far behind them, and they could focus on trying to rebuild. This defeat turns out to only be the beginning of the long time battle between the AUTOBOTS and the DECEPTICONS. While deciphering some ancient scripts, the two sides uncover some information involving their destroyed city CYBERTRON’s capital, Iacon. The decoding ends up being directions to each of the four artifacts that they must uncover to help them change the war as well as reviving their home planet. Both sides are up against each other in an all out battle to be the first to get these ancient relics. This all out battle will be costly for both sides as we see deception as well as key moves to help one side get the upper hand. Can CYBERTRON be saved and controlled by the AUTOBOTS whom would use the power for good? Or will the evil DECEPTICONS and their ruthless leader MEGATRON capture the power and rule all of CYBERTRON with an iron fist as well as Earth? This season definitely keeps you glued to your seat as there is never a dull moment.


The video is an amazing 1080p Widescreen with a 1.78:1 ratio. As with season 1, the picture is just as crisp. The detail in which the bots are given at an up close angle never lacks. The colors are nice and bright throughout. Only a few times is there a skip or a blur in the combat scenes, but overall its an amazing picture. Even the environments as well as the special effects (explosions, fire etc) never show a lack of crispness. 5/5


The audio comes in a nice 5.1 surround sound track. There is, as was in the first season, a great use of the rear channels. The sound effects of the bots hitting each other or each others weapons never comes out muffled, but comes with a nice clear sound giving you that feeling of real metal hitting metal. The dialogue is nice and clear with the famous voices of Peter Cullen (Transformers movies), as OPTIMUS PRIME, and Frank Welker as MEGATRON, are very clear and never have you questioning what they are saying. 5/5

Special Features

• Brand New Interviews with the Creative Team: Interviews with the team in charge of bringing you this amazing show.

• Optimus Prime: Up Close and Personal: This is a nice piece from the San Diego Comic-Con International 2012. It includes an interview between Larry King (yes that Larry King) and the man behind the voice of Optimus Prime, Peter Cullen. This interview takes you through Cullens’ career as the big man from the early years of Transformers in 1984 to his current work on Prime. This is a pretty cool piece for those who want a little bit of history about the Prime Man.


Ok. I love this series. I was hooked after seeing Season 1, as well as the individually released “One Shall..” dvd’s. For lovers of the transformers this is a definite get. The story line is pretty awesome as well as the animation. You will be hooked and wide eyed as to what will happen next. I watched this entire series in like two days. I just could not stop. I am upset I have to wait till next year for season 3 but I guess thats just the price you gotta pay. Speaking of price, you can own this 4-disc deluxe set on DVD on November 20, 2012 for around $30 and the 4-disc Blu-ray set on November 27, 2012 for around $60. I highly recommend it. You can pre-order these from Shout! Factory. While you’re there give their site a gander, they have some pretty amazing stuff! Big shout, goes out to Shout! Factory for this amazing release. 5/5