Transformers Beast Machines The Complete Series Review

I am lucky enough to present you with another Transformers cartoon review! This installment is entitled Transformers Beast Machines, and it kicks some serious ass. This DVD is definitely one of the more sepulchral series that I have watched in my history of Transformers cartoons.

The Beast Wars may have come to an end but much has changed. Optimus Primal and his Maximals return to their home on Cybertron to find that the planet has been basically wiped out of all inhabitants. They do though encounter Vehicon drones whom are patrolling the planet. The Vehicons were placed there by Megatron and contain no sparks, or as you may or may not know, souls. If things couldn’t get any worse, the Maximals discover that they are infected by a virus that threatens to kill them all off.. Ominous, I know. In order to survive this virus they must be able to adapt to the new type of culture on Cybertron.

There are lots of struggles that the Maximals must overcome in order to stay alive. Not only must they find a way to stay survive, they must also fight off Megatron and his death squads. The battles are amazing, especially the one between Optimus and Megatron. It is definitely one of my favorites in this franchise.

The sound is presented in a 2.0 and is good enough for what a DVD can produce, but the thing that sticks out the most for me was the presentation of the video! Instead of that box version or 4:3 standard, we get a nice 1.33:1. It really does look pretty, well as pretty as it can look being that its such a dark series. The colors of course are very ominous and bleak, yet the animations and character creations are very detailed. Your eyes will really enjoy this release. There are a few special features, unlike the other releases. So if you enjoy those then this will definitely make you happy;

Audio commentaries for 3 episodes
Interviews with series developer Marv Wolfman
Interviews with story editor Robert N. Skip
Interviews with voice director Susan Blu
Interviews with David Kaye (voice of Megatron)

So check out this 4-disc collection with over 11 hours of Transformers fun. It is a much darker series, so if you enjoy the more portentous cartoons, then you will love this! This set is available now!