Transformers Animated The Complete Series DVD Review

Have we got a treat for you! You can now own the complete animated series along with the never before released third season of Transformers in this collectable 6-disc pack.

Far away from their planet and living in disguise to blend into the world they now call home, the AUTOBOTS, led by their brave leader Optimus Prime, must protect the all-powerful AllSpark. This of course is not an easy job to do with the Decepticons’ after the same ancient artifact. Along with the task of protecting and preserving the ALLSPARK, the AUTOBOTS must also help protect Earth and the evils that try and destroy it. Can Optimus Prime, along with the help from Bulkhead, Prowl, Bumblebee and Ratchet, save Earth from destruction as well as preserve the ancient all-powerful ALLSPARK?

The video is your typical dvd anamorphic style. I looks great on all types of TV’s, but in all retrospect, the video doesn’t hurt the quality of the show one bit. The same goes for the audio. The DVD brings you a dolby digital 2.0, but a nice clear one. Of course you will not be getting the surround sound that most are accustomed too, but as stated above, the show is just too good to even care!There are a lack of special features, but if you’ve been following my other posts, I am not a huge special features guy. You get the typical commentaries as well as a look at the animation side of the show.

Fans of the Transformers franchise will rejoice, if you have not already, over the release of this amazing collection. You get all the action packed robot fighting in one single package! So get out there and get this collection, especially since the new Transformers movie just came out! This 6-disc special set can be bought in stores now.