The Strain Review

In one week, Manhattan will be gone. In one month, the country. In two months…..The World

What started out as a stalled 777 on the tarmac at JFK, turned out to be a horrific mystery that has a deadly history. The Strain, which revolves around a CDC member by the name of Dr. Ephraim Goodweather, was created by famous director/writer Guillermo Del Torro, is a horror novel about a deadly virus that has surfaced and is threatening New York and eventually the country.

When the jet goes dark on the tarmac, Dr. Eph and Nora Martinez are called in to secure the scene and investigate the cause of the mysterious blackout. Upon their arrival, they are introduced to the few lucky survivors of the event. Inside the atmosphere is calm and dark as if everyone just fell asleep. No blood, no sign of struggles and no sign of a cause. Upon hearing news of this tragic event, a man by the name of Abraham Setrakian comes to the aid of the Canary Team. Professor Setrikian knows the origin of this mystery and introduces the team to the story behind it. After being informed of this knowledge, the team goes back to the interior of the jet, and what they see next is as terrifying as anything the team have ever seen in their lives. The cabin of the airplane is splashed with a white residue that can only be seen with black light. After finding out that the virus is injected into the victim by means of a small puncture in the neck or any other area of the body, the team races to find the survivors and contain them before the worst can happen. Thus the vampire epidemic is released unto the public.

Volume two continues with the same intensity, giving you chills and thrills throughout. The Master is now in the sights of the team as they begin to zero in on his “den”. We are introduced to a new character named Vasiliy Fet, whom is an exterminator. He teams up with Eph and his crew due to the fact he knows more about the underground than they do, as well as a certified badass vampire killer. Throughout the two volumes, we are visited by the fact that Eph is divorced and has a child named Zach. He is in constant contact with his ex wife, Kelly, and is not a huge fan of her new mate, Matt. Matt is always telling Kelly and her son that Ephraim is full of shit and a quack. When Eph receives a text from Kelly stating that “Matt is after them, to come quick to his apartment”, he quickly becomes worried that the possibility of Matt being “turned” could lead to The Master finding his Dear Ones. The team quickly goes to Eph’s apartment in search of Kelly and Zach, only to come into an empty home. As they quietly scour the apartment in search of Kelly, Eph is suddenly stricken by a noise that leaves him helpless. The Master is in his apartment. Now Eph knows where his wife is, and is hellbent to get her back, if it kills him.

In the conclusion of the first installment of The Strain, we find our team, led by a pissed off Ephraim, whom earlier has found his son alive, and that The Master was not kidding about having his ex wife, on a mission to finally eliminate this threat and to cut off the spread of vampirism. Abe has equipped the crew with an arsenal made specifically to disintegrate vampires on sight (a cool light bomb), knowing that they will need all they can get to defeat this powerful evil. The epic battle between Eph and The Master has now come to light. This is where we learn that this battle is far from over, and the threat is just beginning. Yeah you heard me, just beginning. The Master is more powerful than suspected. Here we are also introduced to a new race that call themselves “The Born”. I did not mention before, but in volume one, we get to know a little side story about Augustin Elizalde. He is a mexican gang member who first comes into contact with the vampires when his buddy is bitten and turns on him. Anyway, while trying to just survive, he is suddenly knocked out by a man, well, by a creature, with some similarities to the vampires we know and love. I know we will find out more, but apparently “The Seventh”, or The Master as we know him, has broken a truce, thus creating a foreshadowing to a war between monsters.

This great first installment ends with yet more foreshadowing with the creepily depicted vampiress Kelly. Apparently she has a pretty big influence in the next book. I have not read the books yet, I will admit that, but as far as the graphic novels go, so far, I bet they are just as badass. The story is so compelling, and keeps you gripping to ever word. I am a huge GDT fan, and I am not a bit surprised at the creativity of the monster he has illustrated. Those things are creepy as shit. The next installment has since started, and I am excited to dish out my views to you kids. So sit tight, grab these two volumes, and get reading! Oh and if you have the lights off, you might want to turn one on, or lock your door, because this haunting story just seems to give you chills. I am super excited to see how they transfer this to TV. I am sure that GDT will have a lot to say how it goes, and I sure hope so. Hey you never know. Well I hope you enjoyed this tidbit. If you like blood and vampires, not those pussy vampires from Twilight, but badass ones, then you will enjoy this. So until next time. Ill be back with some new reviews on the next book. The Fall, coming up soon. I normally don’t like to give things 10’s, but this definitely deserves the scores.