The Santa Clause Box Set Blu-Ray Review

Just in time for the Christmas holiday, well a few months before, we bring you Disney’s The Santa Clause Blu-ray Box Set, starring Tim Allen as S.C., or Scott Calvin. For the first time ever on Bluray you get all three gut busting Santa Clause movies in a nice 3-disc collection.

Funny man Tim Allen plays the nutty Scott Calvin as he has to fill the shoes of Santa Claus after he inadvertently kills the Jolly old man. As the story goes on, Calvin sees many changes in his life as he starts to mold into Santa as well as a foe who wants to destroy Christmas.

The Santa Clause (1994)

Scott Calvin is a big wig who runs a very successful marketing division at B&R Toy manufacturing. With all of his work, and constant neglect of his son, his ex-wife, Laura (Wendy Crewson) tries to talk to Scott about the concern for their son. On the eve of Chrismas, Scott Calvin (Tim Allen) and his son Charlie (Eric Lloyd) are suddenly awoken by noises coming from the roof. This prompts Scott to run outside and startle a fat man in a red suit on their roof. This causes the man to fall, and then melt into the snow. After finding a card in the man’s jacket, which states that whoever finds this to put on the suit, and the reindeer will know what to do. So now Scott must take full responsibility for delivering Christmas to the world.

Definitely the best of the three, but aren’t the originals always better? A fun Christmas movie for the whole family. 4/5

The Santa Clause 2 (2002)

After a handful of years as the Santa Claus, Scott is considered the best to ever don the red suit. Scott starts facing some obstacles in which he has to quickly try and fix or Christmas could be ruined. One of these hits home, when he finds out his son Charlie is on this years “naughty list”. Scott decides to put someone else in charge to watch over the operation while he is absent trying to help his son out. The only issue is while Scott is gone, his substitute goes rogue and changes the requirements of being naughty or nice. This throws a huge monkey wrench in the whole operation, causing Santa to make some quick decisions and try and save the world as Christmas approaches. 3.5/5

The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause

Tim Allen is back in the third and final installment of the Santa Clause trilogy. In this one he has the challenge of protecting the North Pole from the jealous and conniving Jack Frost (Martin Short). Santa and Mrs. Claus (Elizabeth Mitchell) have the Pole functioning smoothly when suddenly the Counsel of Legendary Figures calls an impromptu meeting. It seems that the evil villain Jack Frost is trying to take over the holiday by devising a plan to mess up the toy factory and convince Scott to issue the Escape Clause which can reverse the reign of becoming Santa thus allowing Jack to become Santa and ruin Christmas!

This one was alright. It definitely was not my favorite of the three, but I guess being that this franchise grossed so much, they had to conclude the story. 3/5

Video comes at you in 1080p HD Widescreen (1.85:1). The effort to transfer to bluray is a pretty good one. There are a few issues but nothing that really would hinder its watch-ability. Overall a very good effort in this department. 4/5 for the first 2, 5/5 for the third.

The audio comes at you in a 5.1 DTS-HD style. It utilizes the rear speakers well for noises throughout the movie. This audio is not going to break windows or make your house shake, but it is definitely well done. The voices are clear and never drowned out, as well as the fun sound effects. 4/5

Special Features

The Santa Clause

*So you Wanna be as Elf?: Basically a mock training video done by Bernard the Elf
*Making Santa Snacks With Wolfgang: This feature is broken into 6 segments; 3 are videos and 3 are texts. The videos are of famous Chef Wolfgang Puck, and are of him making some yummy treats for the jolly man, the text ones are just of the recipes.
*The Night Before Christmas Short: This is an animated short from the 30’s which has a narrator singing the beginning of the story, and the ending of the story. The animation is pretty cool in this one. 3/5

The Santa Clause 2

*7 Deleted Scene: Basically as it says. Scenes that did not make the theatrical release.
*Gag Reel-Bloopers from the Cast: This is a fun little piece if you are a fan of Tim Allen. Some scenes that did not go right, with some goofy bloops.
*Inside the North Pole with Curtis: Gives you a little information about the development of the North Pole from Curtis the elf.
*True Confessions of the Legendary Figures: This is a little feature with interviews from the Tooth Fairy, The Easter Bunny, Mother Nature and Father Time.
*Director’s Tour of Elfsberg Featurette: A look around the village that is featured in the film
*View the Film with Audio Commentary by Director Michael Lembeck: Audio commentary of the scenes while movie plays.

The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause

*Blooper Reel: A few bloops from the taping
*Alternate Opening: Really does not do much for the movie, the opening they use is fine.
*Jack Frost and Mrs. Claus: A very Different Look: This shows the characters wardrobes and the ways it changes throughout the movie.
*The New Comedians: On the Set with Tim and Marty: Shows how well these two meshed while working together.
*Audio Commentary with Director Michael Lembeck: An enthusiastic commentary
*Creating Movie Magic: Visual Effects Secrets: Discusses some of the special effects that were use in the film
*Christmas Carol-oke: Sing your favorite songs of the season: You get to sing 7 songs from the holiday season, while they show you videos from the trilogy.
*Music Video- “Greatest Time of Year” With Aly and AJ
*Deck the Halls” Virtual Holiday Decorator: This really can only be fun if you could do more, but you basically get to decorate a room with Christmas cheer.

Like I said above, or did not, this is a fun box set to own and watch around the holidays. Its a good family flick with lots of laughs and fun characters. 4/5