The Princess Bride 25th Anniversary Edition Review

For the first time ever, this timeless tale by director Rob Reiner is coming to Bluray! If you are an older reader you have already seen this and are super excited about being able to watch in a crisp clear picture. If you have not seen this, I suggest you do. This is a twist on the fairy tale genre, by throwing in battles with over sized rodents, damsels in distress, awesome sword fights, torturing in a pit of despair and just witty fun comedy.

The story follows a young farm boy named Westley, played by Cary Elwes (Saw, Glory), who falls in love with the quintessential fair maiden Buttercup, played by Robin Wright Penn (Unbreakable, Moneyball), which seemingly turns into a voyage that consists of comical quotes, sword fights and a taste of revenge. Westley goes out to try and find a way to cover his wedding with the beautiful Buttercup, but mysteriously never returns, which in turn forces Buttercup to be engaged to the evil Prince Humperdinck (Chris Sarandon). On the other side of the coin a dysfunctional group of bandits comes up with a plan to kidnap Buttercup in order to wage a war between two rival countries, Guilder and Florin. The group consists of the “I think I know all” Vizzini (Wallace Shawn, Toy Story), the huge Fezzik (the late great Andre the Giant), and the slick swordsman Iniogo Montoya (Homeland). As the story goes on alliances are made between enemies and people are exposed in a plan to make what is right in the country Florin. The story is told through the eyes of a young child (Fred Savage) as told to him by his Grandad. This movie will take you on an exciting ride through a fairy tail land and will have you laughing and crying until the end, especially with the every witty Billy Crystal.


The video is brought to you in a pretty 1080p transfer that is inside of its original 1.85:1 window. The picture is very amazing considering this movie came out in 1987. The DVD transfer to bluray is spot on with a strong/sharp picture throughout. The colors are nice and crisp. Other details can be seen down to a tiny grain of sand. It is definitely a very eye catching and gorgeous feast for the eyes. 4/5


The audio comes at you in a solid 5.1 DTS-HD sound. My surround sound system was excellently used. You can hear some sounds that you might not normally hear with the original release in the back speakers. The sword fights are nice and clear. You can hear the clinks when metal hits metal. It is a very crisp transfer, and definitely makes the movie that much more enjoyable. 4/5

Special Features


This movie comes with a cornucopia of special features that many will enjoy.

True Love: The Princess Bride Phenomenon All-New 2-Part Featurette— This features a reunion with Director Rob Reiner and the stars Robin Wright and Carey Elwes. It also includes new cast interviews with Mandy Patinkin, Billy Crystal, Chris Sarandon and Christopher Guest. There are also some fun parodies, film tributes and fan encounters.

Also Included: *Audio Commentary with Rob Reiner and a second track with William Goldman. These are a bit dry but if you are interested g’head.

*The art of Fencing gives you a nice background of the styles of fencing, the types and craftsmanship of the different types of swords and the importance of good training. This is a pretty fun one if you are at all interested in sword fighting or just want to learn a little about it.

*As you wish: The story of the Princess Bride is a pretty detailed look into the background of the movie and a nice history behind the book and the production. It contains some nice information from the cast and crew.

*Cary Elwes video diary consists of some behind the scenes video foot from the set of the movie.

*The Dread Pirate Roberts: Greatest Pirate of the Seven Seas is a fun piece that delves into the attempts to discover the true life of the Dread Pirate Roberts character.

*Fairy Tales and Folklore is a piece provides a look back from the crew at the production and why the fairy tale genre is so successful.

*Love is like a Storybook is another extra that looks at the history of this genre and how it all comes together in this movie

*Miraculous Makeup shows you the purpose behind the makeup for the characters.

*The Princess Bride: The Untold Tales looks at the legacy of this film. It shows some parts of the movie and how they were done as well as many other parts that came together to make this movie.

I loved this movie as a child and I love it today. It is just one of those fun movies that all can enjoy. It has love. It has revenge. It has a giant!! There are so many quotable lines in this movie that you almost can act out the whole thing. This is definitely a timeless tale that will go on and last for ages. Make sure you go pick this one up and add it to your collecting! 5/5