The Nut Job Bluray Review

The Nut Job follows an up to no good squirrel named Surly (voiced by Will Arnett). Surly is only out for one thing and thats himself. He could care less about the other animals in the neighborhood, which results in him being banished from the group by the lead man Raccoon (Liam Neeson). Surly’s main goal is to gather as many nuts as he can before the winter comes, but of course he ends up having to do it himself. Surly then suddenly finds a store that has exactly what he is looking for. The only problem is that this store is owned by a group of robbers, causing Surly to rethink his choice of wanting to be an outcast loner. The tough decision could be beneficial to carrying out this heist. After deciding to ask for their help, they have to band together to stop a bank robbery, save the neighborhood, and gather as many nuts as they can get to survive the winter!

I know many of you are thinking about an Over the Hedge movie or anything similar involving animals. This movie falls a bit short of the calibre of said above movie. The movie isn’t terrible, but it ranks up with the mediocre animated films. There are some highlights though, mainly some of the characters. The pug is definitely a highlight for me, being that I used to have one. You will see some pretty funny parts, but it is lacking the hysterical calibre of some other flicks. This is definitely a movie for the younger children, so if you look at it in that aspect its a pretty darn good flick.

There are some positive aspects to this movie. One being the video. The picture is absolutely beautiful. The 1080p from Universal is up to par with that of the other big companies Pixar etc.. The textures are flush and the colors are nice and bright. Another positive is the audio. The dialogue is crisp and clean, as are the sound effects. The viewer will not be blown away, but it is definitely in the same ballpark of other animated films. The special features lack quite a bit. I was hoping there would be a bit more, granted I usually don’t pay too much attention to special features unless warranted.

Animated Shorts: Two shorts that were developed and inspired the movie to be made; minus the casts voices basically (no Arnett!!)
Deleted Scenes: Deleted scenes and extended scenes
Storyboards: a short look into the storyboards of the movie
The Great Nut Heist: Seems like an elongated promo for the movie
End Credits Sequence: The music of the end credits with no credits.

So, overall it was a subpar movie for me. There were some funny parts, but at times it seemed it might had tried to hard. As i stated above, the younger kid crowd (which i know this was made for, but hey we all enjoy animated movies!) will love this movie, with the characters they will see. Other than that, the video and audio were probably the most stand out thing for me. Check it out if you got a child, but if you’re just looking to see it, i might rent it first.