The Croods Blu-ray Review

I really have to hand it to the human race that survived back in the prehistoric times. Volcanos, animals that could rip you apart or even just step on you and well surviving the elements. For the Croods this was all just a typical week. But just when Grug (Nick Cage) thinks nothing can get in the way of his and his families way of life, a giant earthquake forces him to make a decision he dreads to make; find a new place to call home. So now Grug must now venture out into the dangerous world that he is not at all too familiar with. Besides all of the dangers that surround Grug and his family, one in particular makes the head man of the family quite uneasy. While on their journey for a new home, they come across a nomad named Guy (Ryan Reynolds). Guy pleads to let the Croods take him along, showing them ways in which they, well Grug, see as asinine. Along with trying to outdo Guy, Grug has another issue to deal with; his oldest daughter Eep (Emma Stone (drooollll)) starts to fall for Guy. AFter finally accepting the ways of tomorrow, Grug and his family of Croods, plus one, fight to survive the elements and dangers to find a new home where they can settle into normality.

Video and Audio

If you have seen this, or are just reading this for just an idea of what its about, I will tell you, this is probably one of the best looking animated films I have ever watched. The clear picture and bright colors can at times be confused with realistic aspects. To compliment the video, The Croods comes at you with an equally great soundtrack. The DTS-HD Master 7.1 just bolsters the enjoyment one will have while watching this film. The audio tracks makes great use of all channels, and surrounds you with such amazing sound, you might think that you are in the jungle with the Croods.

Special Features

*The Croodaceous Creatures of Croods: Gives the viewer a short education lesson on the various creatures seen in The Croods.
*Belt’s Cave Journal: A segment about Belt’s history told by Guy
*Croods’ Cuts (Lost Scenes): Deleted Scenes
*Be An Artist: Segment that shows the viewer how to draw a few characters in the films.
*The Croods Theatrical trailer
*Sneak Peek: Some sneak peeks of upcoming projects
*World of DreamWorks Animation: Some information on some of DreamWorks films.

This was another success from the DreamWorks studio. I enjoyed it a ton. Along with the amazing audio and picture, you will enjoy the story and love the characters (especially Gran). I found myself laughing quite a bit as well as saying “wow” at some of the visual effects. The Special Features don’t really add nor subtract from the enjoyment, but if you like special features and want to check out some extra stuff, its there for ya. Overall pick this bad boy up. Your eyes, TV, surround sound and family will thank you.