Nomad – Ultra Rugged Battery Cable Review

nomad rugged battery cable review

We have done a handful of reviews of the products from the tech company Nomad. They have never sent us an item that we haven’t enjoyed. We were excited to give this item a try because it was something that we really felt everyone needs and would use. We were sent the Ultra rugged battery cable. At first glance, it seemed like everything we could ever ask for in a battery cable. It appeared to be very well made, durable, and it had a built in battery for the times when you can’t plug in to a power source. After testing it out for a week this is what we found.


The ultra rugged battery cable is made up of braided ballistic nylon for abrasion and tear resistance, reinforced RF shielding for fast data sync, a 2x thick protective PVC jacket, extra thick wire gauge and a robust kevlar core. So, in layman’s terms, this cable is built to last. To top all of that off, the cable is also tangle resistant. The cable is 1.5m in length. This seemed to be the perfect length. Any longer and it would start to feel like something I wouldn’t be able to easily carry around. The battery pack is built into the cable. It has a 2350mAh battery, which gives you plenty of charge when you need it. When the cable is plugged into your phone and the wall it knows to charge your phone before charging its internal battery. The design of this cable makes it perfect for when you are on the go and need to charge. It is the perfect size to take with you anywhere.


Nomad is known for making products for people that are on the go. They really pride themselves on the quality of their products. On their website they say that they put all of the cables to the test by performing 10,000 flexions before they are sent out. After using this cable as much as possible over the last week we can say that it feels to be the most durable cable we have used. We always run into the issue of our rubber-coated cables tearing and fraying, but this cable appears to have found the solution to that problem. The casing over the battery feels very durable and well made.


At $39.95 this cable seems to be priced very fair. Not only are you buying a cable that will last longer than any standard rubber cable, but you are also getting a portable charger. If you were to buy a new cable from Apple you would have spend $30 and that wouldn’t include a portable battery.

With this product your battery should never run out of power again. Nomad took two issues that a lot of people have and solved them with one product. So, throw away all your old rubber cables because this is the last cable you will need to buy. Head on over to to get yours today.