Nomad Traditional Build Horween Leather Apple Watch Strap Review

nomad apple watch leather strap

Our friends over at Nomad have never disappointed us with their products. They just sent over one of their Traditional Build Leather Apple watch straps and their streak of high quality and useful products continues.


We were sent their Traditional Build Rustic Brown Horween Leather strap. It is designed for well. Perfect for everyday use or to dress up the watch for a more professional look. There are three color options, Classic Tan, Rustic Brown and Amber Gray and comes with black or silver hardware to match the color of your watch. We have the space gray watch and black hardware looks great on it. The leather is very high quality and durable. The color was a little darker than the picture advertised, but that was not a big issue.  After looking at the picture on the website we were a little nervous that the stitching was going to be a much lighter color, which we are not a fan of.  Once the strap arrived, the stitching color was much darker and blended in nicely with the color of the strap.


Out of the box the strap is very stiff and a little uncomfortable on your wrist, but the leather loosens up quickly for nice comfortable fit. Normal use will loosen the stiffness of the leather without any issues.


The strap that we were sent (Traditional Build) is currently priced at $79.95, which is marked down from its original price of $150. The Traditional Build strap can be found on Nomads website under the “Outlet Sale” section.

Overall we are very pleased with another product from Nomad. The strap is very high quality and is built to last. We have done a lot of searching around for third party Apple watch straps and Nomad is one of the best that we have found. This is a strap that can be worn for any occasion and really adds an appealing look to your Apple watch. So, head on over to and get yours now. You won’t be disappointed.