Star Wars (Dark Horse Comic)

We all love Star Wars right? The characters, the plots, the wookies and ewoks. But what if you took the same characters and created a whole new story arc? Do you think people would catch on to it and enjoy it? Well Brian Wood has done just that. He took the same old characters but added his own story to it, to make one hell of a compelling piece of work. I know I have done one of these for book 1, but as I continue to read this, the more fascinating it gets

Brian Wood is a well known writer/creator of many kick ass series. Some that come to mind; Conan 2012. The Massive, DMZ and X-Men. His style accompanied with his creative mindset, make him one of the most prevalent and well known writers in the business. Ok enough with the ass kissing.

Star Wars starts out after the battle of Yavin, where the Death Star has been destroyed and the rebel forces are on the look out for a new place to call home. Yavin, of course being their previous home base, was destroyed as a result of this long fought battle. We get to meet a few of the old gang in the opening book. Like I said above, we get to meet the old gang in which we grew up with, well most of us did. The story likes to jump around, but not in a bad way. On one side we have the Luke and Leia saga, and of course on the other end we have the Darth Vader demotion from the death star to a much smaller vessel. And of course how could we forget Hans Solo and his furry buddy Chewbacca? They of course are found in hard to imagine situations with no way out, yet Hans always seems to be on top, sometimes literally (sorry dirty).

Again Wood delivers. Not like we believe he never would. This guy is consistently dropping epic shit. The new story line adds a great continuation of this epic 6, soon to be 7 part masterpiece. He keeps it fresh enough to the point you hate to finish it because you have to wait to read the next one! So pick this up now, if you haven’t. There are 9 released so far, and I believe they just gave him an extension or something of up to 20ish. Its is definitely a nice compliment to an already well known piece, and I believe even hardcore Star Wars fans could get into it.