Star Wars Agents of the Empire: Hard Targets

Hello again from Mr. Belding. Do you enjoy James Bond? You know, 007, license to kill, as well as charming the ladies? Do you enjoy Star Wars? You know, Wookies, Death Stars, Darth Vader et al? Well, then you will love this 5-part arc about the Empires’ own ‘James Bond, 007 agent’ Jahan Cross.

If you read the first post about Part 1, then you know about Mr. Cross, if not then I will enlighten you. Jahan Cross is THE best of the best when it comes to Imperial Intelligence. He’s a charmer, as well as a sneaky individual whom will stop at nothing to achieve his mission. You will either hate the guy, for his deception and questionable loyalty, or you will love him for the aforementioned. Either way, Agent Cross is out to finish his directive.

Throughout the story we are introduced to a plethora of characters, likable and not. We started out with the assassination of Count Dooku, whom was the Head of the House Serenno, and a prominent leader in the Empire. With this being done, one would think that his son Bron would be the heir to take over, but one man, Lord Borgin, head of House Borgin, has a different agenda. After we come to the fact that Cross was actually responsible for the assassination of Dooku, he is now enlisted to keep an eye on the Count’s son Bron as well as help throw a monkey wrench in the election for a new regent.

With the members of the House Serenno assembled and on their way, their meeting gets cut short by a pirate that Cross seems to have a history with, Vex. This turns out to be a real problem for Cross, as he realizes that Bron has been kidnapped. Of course Cross gets the girl along with saving Bron. This is when Agent Cross starts to piece the puzzle together after finding out whom was in charge of hiring Vex to commandeer the delegates ship. Cross agrees to the release of Vex without the knowledge of Candra Tymon, Brons’ vicious and deadly body guard.

With the knowledge of Bron’s captor and his mission to manipulate the vote for new regent, Cross does what he does best, he eliminates the obstacle in his way.

I tried not to get too into detail about the story, and keep some stuff out. This was a really good read. It is very Bond-ish, if you are into that thing, and as a matter of fact, I love me some Bond movies etc. The story by John Ostrander is fast paced and full of excitement. You find yourself becoming eager to move on to the next book. The art by Davide Fabbri is just phenomenal. His attention to detail can be seen in everything from the ships to the characters and even the environments. It really has a “real life” look. Overall this was a great story. You had deceit; you had action; and you had some pretty recognizable characters. Check it out, or you will be sorry you didn’t! Thanks again to Dark Horse for this awesome release!