Star Wars Agents of the Empire: Hard Targets #1

I have been on a sort of Star Wars kick lately. I have started watching the movies again, in order of course, as well as reading as many of Dark Horses’ Star War releases. As the title states this is the first edition of a five part arc.

Hard Targets is a story about an agent by the name of Jahan Cross. Agent Cross is considered the best at what he does. The creme de la creme of Imperial Intelligence, will do anything necessary to reach his goal and complete his assignment, regardless of his own conscious.

We start out with a battle between Cross and well-known gun for hire Boba Fett. Of course we quickly find out that this is a foreshadowing of an event that we will later revisit. The actual story begins ten days earlier when Cross is invited to Aldera, which is the Capital City of Alderaan, to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the settling of the city. Agent Cross is there with no intention on making friends, but completing an assignment. His target, Count Dooku, whom hails from Serenno. With his assignment complete, and finding out that Adan Dooku was actually an innocent man, Cross starts to question the purpose for carrying out such a mission. Will this have an impact directly on the Empire, as there is now a seat open, and Dooku’s son too young to take his place? Or will Agent Cross try to fix what he thought was just another assignment.

The story is captivating to say the least. I am currently reading through, and am quite hooked on it. John Ostrander puts pen to paper very well to create a nice script to surely keep readers of this arc wanting more. The art, by Davide Fabbri is very nicely done. The detail is quite defined and well represented. One thing that I also enjoyed was the format of which this book was presented. Call me a templet freak, but for some reason it felt like it was laid out very well making it easy to follow along. So check back for the continuation of the next 4 episodes. Thanks again to the folks over at Dark Horse once again for putting out a quality product.

This book can be picked up, being it was released last year, but I figured I would do a run down up to the final book which is released on February 27!