Star Wars #5 Comic Review

And we are back with some wicked comic reviews, well just one, followed by many more! This one in particular is a smash hit from a man who has just been killing it with such titles as The Massive among other ones as well as this smash hit right here.

This Star Wars series i am sure is pretty appealing to the older generation of SW fans, being that it brings back all the familiar faces with just a different story. The fifth part of this series focuses around the conundrums that the crew has been put into! For Chewie and Hans, the only form of survival is to take refuge in the underworld, while being hunted by one of the baddest assed bounty hunters to live Boba Fett. While all of this is happening we have a very crabby Luke, after being warned by the ghost of Ben. The final major even facing the Rebel Alliance is the cornering of Princess Leia’s X-Wing Squad. She has to be on the top of her game to out wit and survive the clutches of Colonel Bircher and his star fleet. Will the princess be able to hold off the tie’s and star destroyers? What is with whiney Luke? Can he not just listen to Obi and chill out? And who is this mysterious new ally that has come to join Darth Vader?

Once again this stands to be one of my favorite star wars books out there. Brian Wood is just a badass story teller with his creative intuition to just suck you into what hes trying to get across. If I were you all, I would go check this out, along with anything that Wood has done (DMZ etc).

Happy reading folks, and stay up to date with us, where we will be throwing out some more goodies!