Slugterra: Slugs Unleashed Vol 2 Review

In the world of Slugterra, you’ve got to be the fastest slug slinger to be the best. As you may or may not have read before, we got to review this sci-fi/comedy cartoon from Nerd Corps about a boy named Eli who ends up having to fill the shoes of his late father whom was known to be the best slug slinger in the world. As Eli progresses, it is seen that he is special and seems to contain the same special DNA his father did, thus reinventing the “Shane Gang”

In this new DVD from Shout! Kids and Nerd Corp, we are again put into the world of Slugterra with Eli Shane and the rest of his friends. In this 5 episode follow up we see Shane compete in the deadly Slug Run as he battles to win a special slug and stop Blakk from gaining control of it. We also see the Shane gang against zombies, shadow demons and of course some of Blakks’ henchmen, as well as making new allies.


The video comes at you in a typical anamorphic DVD quality. It is very well done though. The colors are pretty crisp and the lines sharp. The stylistic approach the designer takes fits well with the picture quality. Though a bluray version would be more crisp and vibrant, you really do not lose much.


The audio is your standard 5.1 delivery. The dialogue is clear and never over shadowed by the background music or sound effects. As said about the dialogue, the sounds are very crisp too. it is most prevalent during the battle scenes.

Special Features

A Look Behind the Scenes: Writing Slugterra: A little piece about the creation of the story behind slugterra

There are also some more Slugisodes which are video shorts.

The continuation of the Slugterra story did not really fall off from the previous volume. It had the same jokes and adventures as before. I enjoyed this one about as much as the first one. The story tends to jump around, but stays around the concept of Shane’s hatred towards Blakk. Well it’ll be nice to see what happens in the next go around. Until next time, shout out to the nice folks at Shout! Factory.