Robot Chicken DC Comics 2 Special: Villains in Paradise Review


The creators behind Robot Chicken are back with a second special from the DC Universe. Unlike the first one which focused more on the side of the heroes, this second special focuses more on the… you guessed it, the no good evil do’ers. The bad guys need some love too people! This special focuses on the lives of the villains at the Legion of Doom Headquarters and even goes as far as to show us how they spend their off time.


The one and only complaint that i can really take away from this is that its on DVD. I have looked around and have seen this to be the only minus of the special. I would think that they would want this to be seen in the highest quality available, but hey, i guess we are just spoiled. I remember when the battle between the HD-DVD and Bluray started and was like damn. But i digress, other than that the picture looks pretty good for DVD standards.

The audio is on par with the medium, in that its decent for the amount of sound that can come out of a DVD sound stream. You won’t be blown away, but its a clear sound and never overbearing in any aspects.

The thing that really stands out on these Robot Chickens are the special features. You can never complain about lack of those with this series ever. Especially when you get only a 23 minute special. The 90 minutes of extras sort of justify the pricing of this dvd. You get your typical commentaries about the episodes and meet and greets, as well as some other wacky extras to keep you laughing:

– The Making of #RCDC2VIP
– Bad Hair, Musical Numbers and Sequels
– The Ones That Got Away
– 20 Questions
– Cut Animations
– Cut Sketches
– Chicken Nuggets
– Actors’ Commentary
– Writers Commentary

Overall I did enjoy this one, about as much as I did the first special. Im a huge DC fan, so I guess this is biased. I do wish they would release these on Bluray so that the viewer can get the eye candy that we see on the HD channels, when looking for toys that will let young ones have a lot fun, check these article about the best musical toddler toys. So if you want to add to your collection go cop this one. It was released in October, so I am sure most have it, but if not run to your local whatever shop and pick it up!

Until next time friends.