Regular Show: The Complete First and Second Seasons

I know all of us have been waiting for this release. Are there really any better cartoon network shows that you can name? I know there are a few adult type shows that some of us late nighter folks know about, and this show, well this show fills the gamut.

The show centers around the surreal adventures of a blue jay and a raccoon whom try to deal with their boring jobs as groundkeepers at a park. The hilarity of this show is definitely an acquired taste. One will see the two going through just asinine journeys involving some old school culture from pixelated demons to just plain randomness.

Other characters you will be encountering are a red robin named Margret; a lollipop-head manager named Pops Maellard; a sensitive gumball machine named Benson; immortal coworker Skip the Yeti (Mark Hamill, yes Luke Skywalker); and a few nemesis named Hi-Five Ghost and Muscle Man. Basically, just looking at the types of characters alone, one would see how this wacky show can be an acquired taste.


Both of the seasons feature a very very nice 1080p that brings out the amazinginess of this great show. The colors are super bright and clear, and the line art is very crisp and clean. The environments/backgrounds are just as pretty and there are no real glitches to even be seen. 5/5


Unlike the video, the audio is not as impressive. The voices are clear and clean, but the TrueHD Mix gives you a weaker sound then of course a TrueHD Dolby 5.1 (obviously duh). Basically what you are getting is a Dolby Digital 2.0 track. Needless to say, this will not ruin any of your experience. 2/5

Special Features

As far as special features and extras go, these are some of the better ones I have seen. Most TV show transfers to blu-ray lack all the specials you want to see, but this one of course will keep you occupied for a good while. Overall, without delving into them to much, you get a first and second season commentary, an unaired pilot of the show among other interviews with cast and producers. 5/5

Ok, so that is it. If you do not like the show, you may not have a sense of humor. This show has everything you can imagine a blender of thoughts could have. Its just so far fetched and out there that it keeps it fun. The writers did a very good job keeping the jokes and actions hilarious for all ages really. So go get this if you have not already! 5/5