Ragemoor HC Comic Review

Ragemoor! A living castle, nurtured on pagan blood, harborer to deadly monsters! A fortress possessed of its own will and ability to change itself, with the power to add and destroy rooms and to grow without the help of any human hand. Its servants aren’t human, its origins are Lovecraftian, and its keeper must fend off the castle walls from the terrible race of worm men!

After reading this book, well ok before reading it, I figured it would be a typical haunted house, and people had to escape the inhabitants, but I was mistaken. This castle was built from the blood of those whom were sacrificed during its erection. The castle itself has no stand out additions or shiny buttons that make it appealing. Those who have witnessed the fury of what this castle can do are either in charge of the home or have gone absolutely crazy. No one is quite sure what made cousin Hubert go crazy, but they all believe it is the castle and its evil cursed ways. The story follows Mr Hurbert, whom is sole owner of castle Ragemoor along with his butler, to help keep everything under control. When relatives come by to coarse Mr Hubert into giving them the castle, is when you get to see the true heart and soul of the wretched mass of rock and its capabilities.


The art was prefect for the haunting story. The use of heavy blacks and thick lines give the characters their mysterious appeal. The environments are nicely detailed as well as up close objects. Overall I really thought the art was very fitting.

I really enjoyed reading this book. It was a creepy story as well as pretty original. I think it would make a cool movie if done right. The art was very appealing and eerie. make sure you pick this one up if you want to read something original.