R.I.P.D. City of the Damned #1

A lot of things can be said about Roy Pulsipher. He’s handy with the six shooter, he’s a tough bastard and well he’s dead. Roy is an officer of a special unit called the R.I.P.D., or the Rest In Peace Department. Their oath is to protect the living from evil entities that are trying to end life as we know it.

In the first book we get introduced to Roy, 100 years earlier, and how he became part of the R.I.P.D.. Here he meets Crispin. Crispin was chosen for this job because he had some unfinished business to repay God that was given to him. While being sent out to chase baddies, the two come into contact with an ominous black cloud that had been following them since they had departed. It turns out to be a monster of some sorts that protects that part of the land, taking out R.I.P.D. officers. The two are no match for the cloud monster and end up on their backs.

I enjoyed reading this first one. The art is very detailed. You can see the amount of precision that was put into the making of the characters and environments. The coloring is mostly various uses of browns and blacks. This story is pretty intriguing. As you begin reading, you see Roy and his partner fighting some robots, when suddenly Roy wants to go on his own. This bit of the story leaves you wanting more, because you have no clue whats behind door number 1! Of course the flashback of how Roy became an officer of this unit is a nice addition. It gives you a better understanding of the main guy instead of having some plot holes. I would definitely pick this up if I were you. Its fun to read, and a well formulated story, as well of very interesting. Well, I will be back with book #2! Until then, get your homework done.