Pawn Blu-ray Review

Every Move is a Game Changer

Pawn is a crime thriller about a night gone wrong for a group of folks just casually grabbing a bite to eat. The evening turns sour when a small group of criminals, led by a man by the name of “The Brit” (Michael Chiklis) hold the patrons hostage and demand the owner cracks the safe. One would assume this safe would be full of money, but that is not the case. After seeing the lack of money, the thief demands the owner opens the real safe. The only issue with the hidden safe is that it is set on a timer and can not be opened until midnight. The robbery takes a sudden turn of events when a cop (Forest Whitaker) wanders into the diner and instantly suspects something just is not right. As the night carries on, the motive behind the robbery is pieced together and revealed.


Anchor Bay comes through with a very impressive 1080p transfer. The detail is pretty close to perfect throughout the movie. This is evident during the outside scenes, which are heavily illuminated by streetlights. The color scheme is done well, highlighted by the black levels and flesh tones. Overall the detail and color stay constant giving the viewer a pleasant experience. 4/5


Anchor Bay’s Dolby TrueHD 5.1 delivers a nice lossless transfer. The dialogue is clear and crisp along with the soundtrack. The dispersement of sounds through the speakers gives the viewer a feeling of being on the streets. You can hear everything from an ambulance in the distance to an animal making noises. Overall the sound is great. This along with the video give this flick a nice boost. 4/5

Special Features

*PAWN: Behind the Scenes


This movie was a decent surprise. The star studded cast gives a pretty strong performance. Michael Chiklis definitely commands the screen as the leader of the thieves. I thought this was going to be a typical hostage movie but was mistaken. The plot twists and compounded plot will have the viewer wondering what is going to happen next. 4/5