Orchid Vol 2 Review


And we are back with the second volume of the Tom Morello post apocalyptic story of a prostitute turned leader of the people’s, revenge plot to overtake and kill the tyrant Tomo Wolfe. We begin with the band of three continuing on their quest to get to Tomo. Opal, whom is a badass warrior, Simon and of course Orchid seek the help from their buddy Westin, whom had helped them before. As they travel though the harsh wilderness, which is a dangerous route which is being patrolled by Wolfes’ scouts. Orchid tries to improve her combat skills with the help of Opal, after she had asked for her assistance in killing like her. As the group approaches Wolfes’ fortress, Penuel, Westin gets a feeling that he and the group will not survive. In fact he calls the mission a suicide. So he tells Opal him and his big friend Feathers are departing the group and going back. Opal speaks out saying that they need to save the prisoner, whom is Anzio, before he is killed or they will die trying (50cent Voice). The band of friends will encounter hordes of enemies within the fortress walls on their way to save the prisoner. Will they get Anzio out of there, or will he be put to death by the firing squad? This is when we see the actual powers of Orchid and her ability to harness and use the powers of the mask. It is now time to rise up against the army of Tomo Wolfe and forever release the Bridge People from the proverbial chains in which they have known for many years.

The continuation of the story was pretty amazing. The emergence of Orchid has hit its peak, and we will see if she is ready to take responsibility for the power in which she has obtained. Tom Morello is keeping us captivated with his ability to keep us on the edge of our seats. There never seems to be a dull moment in the life of Orchid and her friends. Make sure you get this one from Dark Horseon December 19, 2012!! Keep on reading kids! You will not be let down. I would like to thank Dark Horse for allowing me to review this!