Nomad Carabiner Charger – NomadClip Review

nomadclip review


The Nomad Carabiner or “NomadClip” has a very sleek design. The carabiner looks exactly as shown. I was surprised at how durable it feels. It is made with reinforced steel so you don’t need to worry about it getting damaged.  The gate of the carabiner is very strong and takes more effort than expected to swing it open, which is good so you don’t need to worry about your keys falling off. The top part features the USB connection and the bottom part features your Lightning or Micro USB connection. When not using the cables they click into their respective holders and you can’t tell they are there.


Awhile back we reviewed two other products from Nomad, the chargekey and chargecard. The NomadClip has the same exact use. This product will charge or sync your devices like the other products, but this product has more everyday use because it combines your charger into a place to keep your keys secure and with you at all times.

nomadclip charger


The NomadClip retails for $29.95 on Nomad’s website.  Apple has two different length USB to lightning cords priced at $19 and $29. So, for the same price you might be sacrificing the length of the cord by getting NomadClip, but you add more functionality by having your cord and keys in the same place. 


If you are someone who constantly needs a charger while away from home and doesn’t like to keep your keys in your pocket, this is a great product for you. The NomadClip is very durable and works very well. Nomad created a great product and we recommend checking it out. Everyday Carry enthusiasts will be impressed with the various products that Nomad puts out.

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*This carabiner is not rated for climbing.