Must See Horror/Comedies: ThanksKilling

I know we do not have a section for this, but maybe we can elaborate on one and continue this nice little trend. I had the pleasure of watching this amazing movie about a killer turkey entitledThanksKilling. If you have not heard of this fine flick, you better check it out or else the turkey will come after you.

So the movie starts out with a close up of a pair of voluptuous breasts. Yes boobs. It gives you a little bit of a story of how the first Thanksgiving actually went. No you do not get an entire story, but you do get a nice quip from our feathered friend as he hacks the topless maiden.

a little homage to the devils rejects?

Now flash forward to 2009, or sometime along then. Being this movie was made in 2009, we will assume they were in that time era. So you have your typical group of friends; the jock, the slut, the closet slut (aka smart girl who wants to shag the jock), the fat chubby comedian and his nerdy friend whom no one really knows nor wants to be there. The kids are off for Thanksgiving break are gearing up to take a nice road trip home, which includes some classy lines from the slutty girl. As you would guess their jeep over heats in the same town that the horrific Thanksgiving massacre began in. While this is happening, we actually get to meet the modern day killer turkey as he emerges out of his grave as he is getting pissed on by a dog. You can guess what happens here. So back to the group. They decide to camp out, being they have their tents and of course beer! The nerdy kid fills the group in about the story of how the turkey came about. The legend is, that the turkey got angry because the white man took the land from the Native Americans and then slaughtered them. So the turkey decided it would be his place to kill every white person he sees! So the black people are safe in this movie, unlike most of the other movies when they die first (which I still think is a bullshit move by movie makers). Anyway, the jeep finally cools off the next day and the group heads home, but this might be the last time they see home.

yes thats turkey sex folks

The movie continues with hilarious quips and some funny deaths, as well as bad acting, but I was not expecting Oscar Award winning acting with a 3600$ budget. One of the best lines of the movie, which is also the tagline, is when the turkey is getting ready to kill someone, and he says “gobble gobble motherfucker”. I mean that is seriously hilarious in all facets. Actually here is a list of great lines from the movie:

*It’s Thanksgiving, not Titsgiving!
*Your legs are harder to shut than the Jonbenet Ramsey case!
*This coffee tastes like shit, what did you do, take a shit in it? / As a matter of fact I did!
*I’m going to drink your blood like cranberry sauce, meaty!
*I guess I was a little beaked out . . . uh, I mean freaked out.
*An extra small gravy flavored condom?
*Gobble, gobble motherfucker!
*Looks like I’ve got something you don’t got! / What’s that Darren, a vagina?

Alright, like I said, do not go into it thinking this is going to be a great acted movie. I think the amateurish acting is what made the movie that good! The turkey kills me, not literally (har har) with his one liners and whatnot. They did make a sequel to this movie, ThanksKilling 3, yes 3. If you read up on the synopsis you will understand. So without hesitation go check this shit out! Its amazing, and you will definitely be laughing your ass off.