Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United Blu-Ray Review

HULK SMASH! Have you ever wondered how it would be like to team up a couple of The Avengers and have them fight side by side? Well you are in luck. Marvels’ Ironman & Hulk: Heroes United delivers with the two Avengers teaming up for the first time ever on this action packed blu-ray/dvd combo pack. The two must use their respected strengths; brains for Ironman and of course brute force for the hulk, to defeat the ultimate enemy.

An energy ball, named Zzzax, is threatening to destroy the world by overtaking Tony Starks’ HQ. Zzzax main focus on doing so was to take over Starks’ reactor and create a power source so strong that it would essentially be unstoppable. After fighting The Abomination, the Hulk is fairly week and HYDRA has begun siphoning off his gamma radiation in order to create a new power source. After noticing a spike in gamma radiation, Tony Stark heads to check it out when he discovers a weakened Hulk. It’s at this point that the two decide to team up in what is sure to be an epic battle of good vs. evil, in order to take down HYDRA and restore power to the East Coast.

I enjoyed the visual style of the feature, it’s definitely a form of animation that you either love or hate. The thing about this that I didn’t like is that it’s pretty dumbed down for a younger audience. It goes out of it’s way to explain every little plot point in order to make sure you know exactly what is going on. I think they were trying to appeal to a younger audience as cartoons and The Avengers, these days, have quite a bit of younger fans. Other than that, I enjoyed the flick and thought it was pretty entertaining; just don’t go into it expecting this to be like The Avengers movie, cause it’s not.

As I said before, I really enjoyed the animation style, but I can definitely see how some people might be turned off by it. The video quality is pristine, with no artifacts, bright colors and it just looks amazing. The audio slams you around with every kick and punch. I suggest turning the speakers up, sitting back and waiting for the neighbors to come knocking on your door to make sure you’re ok. There are two special features on this set, both 10+ minute featurettes. Marvel Mash-Ups is 17 minutes of old Iron Man and Hulk cartoons re-dubbed to try and add some humor to them… it kind of falls flat. Marvel Team-Up with Ryan Penagos and Joe Quesada is a sit down to discuss random superhero team-ups in the Marvel universe. It’s not bad, but nothing to write home about.

Unfortunately I can’t recommend buying this one as there’s not much outside of the flick itself, and I don’t see much replay value in it unless you have a small child that can’t get enough of The Avengers. But definitely give it a rent and run through it as it’s pretty entertaining.