Monsters University Blu-Ray Review

monsters university blu-ray review

We all remember the great animated film Monsters Inc.. It was a great film full of laughs and scarrryyyy monsters. Did you ever wonder how Sulley and Mike met and became the greatest scarers of all time? Well I am proud to bring to you the prequel to that smash hit, Disney Pixars’ Monsters University.

Since Mike Wazowski (Billy Crystal) was a tiny little monster, he has wanted to be a scarer. Scarer’s are responsible for capturing screams and harnessing their powers. Mike, seeking out to be the best, decides to goto the best scaring school known, MU, or Monsters University. MU is the home of the most elite scare school around. While being accepted into the school and attending his first day, Mike encounters a natural scarer by the name of James P. Sullivan (John Goodman), or Sulley as he is better known as. Sulley has the confidence and swagger to become the BEST and most talented scarer since Dean Hardscrabble (Helen Mirren). This irks Mike beyond belief and he tries even harder to compete and beat out Sulley. This ends horribly when both students are kicked out of the school by failing to perform. After being excused, Mike is torn and disappointed to say the least. This pushes Mike to enlist in the Scare Games, an annual obstacle course race to be the last team standing. The only problem is, Mike does not have a team, and well Sulley does, the ROR or Roar Omega Roar’s. The ROR’s are known as the best scare frat on campus. They instantly take Sulley in as their own, leaving Mike even more angry at the situation. The only frat on campus without a team is OK, or Oozma Kappa, a ragtag off kilter group of monsters whom are not really respected at MU. Mike, with no options, pleads for the group to join his team at the Scare Games. Of course OK is kind of against it, being that they are in no way scary. The only thing they have going for them is that they have the best teacher of scare tactics and abilities to outwit the competition. Sulley eventually gets booted out of ROR and is replaced by that sneaky monster Randell (Steve Buscemi), whom we all know becomes an evil advisory. Mike allows Sulley to join the team of goofballs to help booster his chances. Hilarity ensues as OK, with the help of Mike’s intellect and cleverness and Sulleys’ natural scarring abilities, out performs the competition and become the winners of the Scare Games! This win all but solidifies Mike’s dream of becoming a scarer when he realizes that the final game was rigged, giving him a higher score than he should have gotten. Mike, now with his dreams crushed, takes a drastic step into showing he is the best scarer, he enters a door. Whats a door you might ask? Well it is the only way into the world that allows the monsters to collect screams. With Mike in the human world, and the Dean shutting down the scene, Sulley too jumps into action to save his new buddy Mike. This of course becomes a bitter sweet occurrence for the two down and out friends. With doubt from the Dean and sure expulsion from MU, Mike creates what becomes the greatest scare ever known to monsters with the help of Sulley. After their legacy is cemented into history, the two buddies are seen walking into Monsters Inc., where the first film picks up.

monsters university blu-ray review


As expected, the animation and video quality are superb. The colors are amazing and the details can be seen very clearly. The 1080p HD picture is no where short of impressive. Along with the video, this movie also comes with a nice audio track. The 7.1 Dolby TrueHD is just as impressive as the video. The sound is clear and sharp. It uses the channels very well and gives the viewer a great experience. There are not instances where the sound is overpowering or under performing. You will definitely be happy with both.

monsters university blu-ray review

Special Features

The Blue Umbrella Theatrical Short: An animated short that tells the story of an evening commute in which the rain falls and the city becomes alive. With all this going on two umbrellas, one blue and one not, fall in love. Gorgeous looking short

Audio Commentary

Campus Life: A look into the life of the crew.

Story School: Shows the challenges of creating a prequel and the creation process

Scare Games: MU production teams go head to head in the Scare Games competitions

Monthropology: Shows how the monsters are brought to life!

Welcome to MU: A look at the campus as told from the artists perspective.

Music Appreciation: A look into Randy Newman’s creative process of scoring the film.

Scare Tactics: A look at the animation team who brought these monsters to life!

Color and Light: A look at the creations of the color scripts and how they are pieced together to create the naturalistic feel.

Paths to Pixar: MU Edition: A documentary of the MU crew and their journey to become part of the Pixar Team.

Furry Monsters: A technical look into the difficulties of creating characters that are younger with tools that are far more advanced then when they were originally created. It also shows the contrasts in the difficulties of making Monsters INC and MU.

Deleted Scenes: Deleted scenes

Set Flythroughs

Art Gallery

Promo Picks

monsters university blu-ray review

Overall this was a decent surprise. I loved the first one and this definitely compliments it. The story that is told is great, and creates tons of laughs and fun, just as Monsters Inc did. The characters stay true, being they have the same voices, which this movie would never have been made unless this were true obviously, but it is nice that they stayed with the same folks. If you enjoy some Pixar fun, then you will definitely enjoy this. You will not be disappointed in this prequel, which is in some cases a disaster.