Mickey and the Roadster Racers Start Your Engines DVD Review

Racers, start your engines! Disney Junior takes us from Hot Dog Hills to Hawaii, and as far as London, in Mickey and the Roadster Racers Start Your Engines. Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald and Daisy compete in thrilling races all over the world in their crazy transforming Roadsters. We get to meet the world’s greatest spy as well as cruise through the skies in super fast hot-air balloons. We also get to help the Queen by returning her stolen Royal Ruby. This DVD is packed with lots of fun amongst friends and a little bit of competition to boot.

* Agent Double-O-Goof
* It’s Wiki Wiki Time
* Ye Olde Royal Heist
* Abra-Ka-Goof!
* Guru Goofy
* Going Upppppppppp!

Bonus Episode
* Goof Luck Charm

This DVD has a release date of August 15, 2017 with a runtime of approximately 88 minutes (with the added bonus feature). One thing the buyer will be happy with, besides the content, is that this release includes a free Roadster Racers Flag inside! The content is rated TV-Y and comes at you in a pretty good looking 1.78:1 aspect ratio, which is enhanced for 16:9 televisions. The animations are what you would expect from a kids show. Not too flashy, but enough to entice your child to sit in awe as they witness the transformations of the racers. Of course one should not go into this thinking you are going to get a transformers type transition from the roadsters changing shape and vehicle, but its still pretty cool. The audio is your typical 2.0 Dolby Digital which is consistent with DVD releases. It is a nice line, and sounds good, but being a DVD, you only get the 2 channels. This by no means ruins your experience one iota.

I watched this with my niece and we both really enjoyed it. Its great for kids, and a fun time for adults as well. One of the positives of this show is that it teaches children morales. It exhibits that while competition is a part of the game, it should not put a rift between friends and other competitors. There are lessons to be learned in every episode, which creates a positive learning experience for the viewer. That is one thing that has helped children, I believe, to treat others with respect and to not take everything so seriously. Of course you should earn your victory, but not at the expense of others. Also, this show is created for a younger crowd, so if you are thinking of getting a educational lesson for anyone over the age of 6 or so, you might be sadly mistaken. There is not that much to offer in bonus features, but it is still nice to have some extra content, plus as I said above, you get a free flag.

Overall it was a pretty fun and engaging DVD for the younger crowd. I am glad that there are shows and movies that help teach the positives aspects in life to our children at such an early age. As a new father myself, this DVD/show really left me with a smile knowing that I will be able to share it with my son when he gets a little bit older.