Lay The Favorite Review

We all like to get lucky every now and then right? Whether it be with a beautiful girl that you picked up at a bar or you strike it big on a scratch off, we love the thrill of the outcome! This 2012 comedy entitled Lay the Favorite is about a man who thrives on getting lucky in the Sin City that we all love to hate and hate to love, Las Vegas (or as my pilot’s always say ‘Lost Wages’.

Lay the Favorite, which is based off the autobiography “Lay the Favorite: A Memoir of Gambling” by Beth Raymer, follows a former stripper, by the same name, whom decides to quit the stripping game and attempt to take her skills to Vegas to be a cocktail waitress. After arriving in Vegas, Beth quickly finds out that getting a job might be harder than she thought. Here is when we run into a man with a plan and a possible job opening. Dink Heimowitz, played by Bruce Willis (Die Hard, Die Hard, Die Hard….), owns a sports betting operation. After Beth, played by Rebecca Hall (The Town), witnesses the hectic nature of this business, she becomes a little skeptical. She eventually falls in love with the job, enjoying the adrenaline rush that she acquires, as well as catching the eye of her boss as she shows her knack for being pretty handy with figures. Tulip, Dink’s wife played by the gorgeous Catherine-Zeta Jones, of course shows signs of jealousy with the new acquisition of her husbands operation. This eventually leads to Tulip wanting Beth to be terminated from the sports book. Beth eventually winds up in New York, working for a bookie by the name of Rosie (Vince Vaughn), as well as a dreamy boyfriend by the name of Jeremy (Joshua Jackson). Rosie is the one guy whom she was told to avoid like the plague. Rosie becomes so impressed with her aptitude for job that he puts her in charge of his offshore bookmaking branch in the Caribbean Islands. This of course becomes a tropical storm after Beth is threatened by one of her clients who ended up with a huge loss. This of course causes her to seek the assistance of the man whom started her off in this crash course of a business.


Anchor Bay’s 1080p picture is a definite standout quality of this movie, being that it has the background of Vegas. The colors, along with the sharp picture gives the viewer a fresh look and feel for all that Vegas can offer, without actually being there. From bright colors in Vegas, to more darker, less festive colors in New York, Lay the Favorite stays consistent with its clean picture.


The 5.1 DTS-HD MA is nicely mixed for this movie. From the parts in Dink’s NYSE sports gambling operation to the ambient noises of Vegas, the ears will be pretty satisfied. There never is an instance where the voices are not clear, even with a plethora of them all at once. Though you really do not need the surround for this, other than the typical ambients, the viewer will be pleased at its sharpness.

Special Features

*Deleted Scenes:

-Outside Darren’s House
-Beth & Holly at the Café
-Best Job Ever
-What’re You Doing?
-Don’t Get Old
-Beth Phones Dad
-New York Is Hot
-Beth & Jeremy
-Beth Calls Rosie
-Beth Visits Doctor
-Dink’s Voicemail

These really did nothing for me. I guess I am more of a “how it was made” type of extras guy. But I guess if you enjoy some scenes, that by no means would have made the movie better, I guess you could take a look.

Lay the Favorite was good enough to keep my attention, with its action and witty commentary. Of course the cast did not hurt really either. If you are looking for a fun flick with Joshua Jackson and Bruce Willis to watch with the girlfriend, then you could pick this one up.