Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters Review

Have you ever wanted to be able to summon a monster or some crazy bug with the swipe of your fist and a few words? Possessing the ancient dueling skill of the Kaijudo, one can do just that. This 5 episode DVD follows a 14-year old boy named Ray whom is sort of the outcast at school. Ray is seen as a very artistic and creative boy always with his head in his sketch book. Only thing Ray was unaware of, is how magical and skilled he really was. Upon standing up for his friend Gabe from the wrath of a bully, Ray accidentally summons a creature that he had actually drawn in his sketch book. Dumbfounded, everyone scrambles leaving Ray, Gabe and Allie to question what had actually happened. This of course catches the eyes of the Kaijudo masters. Kaijudo means “the way of the creature”, and as I said before allows you to be able to control a creature of who’s tablet you possess. With this natural talent of being a proficient creature tamer as well as a duelist, he is given the opportunity to show what he can really do.

With the Veil, which is the barrier dividing the two worlds of the creatures and humans slowly being compromised, it is up to the individuals that possess this ancient form of fighting to protect all that is threatened.

Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters is the newest franchise from Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro. It features two online games; Battle Game and Kaijudo Online, which are hosted on Kaijudo.com. There is also a trading card game or TCG that one can play.


The video is pretty standard for a DVD release. It is in widescreen format. Of course you will not get that eye popping visual from that of a blu-ray, but it is as good as it can get. The colors and detail really never lack in any places, except for some blurring during action scenes.


The audio is your standard Dolby Digital track. It is nice and clear and the sound effects are well defined. From a fireball flying at someone or the clang of a creature hitting a metal creature, the sound is pretty crisp.

Special Features

*A Look At Kaijudo: Rise of the Masters: Just a little information about the franchise.

*Exclusive Alternative Art “Kenina” Trading Card Inside: Self Explanatory.

I am not a player of these card games. I am a fan of Sonsaur game apps, and I enjoy playing arcade games, shooting games, and a lot more. I am more of a shoot-em-up type of person. I know many are into this kind of competition, but I could never get into it. With that being said, I had never heard about this before. It was pretty decent, and I did have fun watching it. There were some funny parts as well as some WTF parts. For fans of this or any other card based games, its a good little addition to your collection, but for those who are not all too familiar with that side of gaming, I am sure you will pass it up.