Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 8 Review

it's always sunny in philadelphia season 8 dvd review

The gang is back together for an all new season filled with hilarious punishment and a few wtf moments. The season starts off kind of slow, and hovers around mediocre in relation to the existing seasons. Granted it is very difficult to continue creating such ingenious and yet ludicrous ideas year after year after year. Being that this show is in its 9th season, is somewhat of a feat for the creators. But it seems as though they are losing some viewership to, in my opinion, The League and Workaholics. Granted both of the aforementioned shows are still in their young stages, it just seems like they have been more consistent. Again that is just my opinion, and does not reflect the opinions of all of us, well both of us at acslater.

As always, we get a lot of bickering and slander from the Gang of Paddy’s. We get to see Charlie be a lawyer, which if you can remember throughout most if not all of the episodes, has long dreamed of doing so. This is evident in his uncanny ability to always try and be rational about existing issues, which usually ends up with Frank telling him hes an idiot. We of course get to see Dennis in his natural element. He definitely stays true to his character, being creepy and having the word “no” strictly banned from his vocabulary. But to put a twist into things, Dennis finds love. Now we all know this is not true as seen in the episode Dennis and Dee Find Love, where we see the two actually finding someone they love. This of course proves to be all false when Dennis, seeing through the ploy, blackmails Ms. Dee, which in some way involves an oil wrestling match with Mac. Lastly Frank. I mean Frank is Frank. There really is no way to describe this conniving character other then being a dirty man. One of the scenes that stuck out to me as pretty funny involves Frank trying to poison the waitress’s (Charlies true Love) shampoo. I don’t know where they come up with this shit but yeah.

Overall the season lacked its typical luster that we saw in the previous seasons. Don’t get me wrong, I ain’t writing these guys off. I have faith that they can come back strong with some creative yet off the wall stuff. I have yet to catch an episode of this new season, being that I am trying to catch up on my other shows, but maybe after seeing them, I might have a different opinion, but as of now, I believe that this show needs to step it up a little. Again, 9 seasons are a lot. I mean look at past comedies; Seinfeld had 9 seasons before calling it quits. Friends had 10 seasons before calling it quits. So for a show like this, off the wall comedy with no holds bar, (get it bar?? huh? HUH?) they have done pretty well for themselves. I just hope this season is a step up from season 8.