Guillermo del Toro’s: The Strain Vol 1

When I received this, I almost lost my mind. I am a huge Guillermo del Toro fan. His stylistic, creative and just insane depiction of creatures and story is just, well its mind boggling. You might know him from movies like; Hell Boy (1 & 2), as well as Pan’s Labyrinth. If you are familiar with these movies, among many more, you will notice his amazing ability to tell a story, as well as his uncanny ability to create some hideous and odd looking creatures. Without further adu, and praise to this amazing director/writer, lets talk about this soon to be FX TV show entitled The Strain.

In one week, Manhattan will be gone. In one month, the country. In two months, the world



This starts out with a story told about a man whom was known around the area as a gentle caring man named Jusef Sardu. He was also known around the parts as a giant, because, he was. He was a nice man to the people and always tried to lend a helping hand. When his father takes him out on a hunting expedition, they become separated because of his fathers obsession with capturing and killing the wolf that signified the families crest. After hours of his father not coming back, the nobleman’s friends set out to find them. Nary a man came back leaving Jusef alone and confused. So he set out to find his father and friends. What he saw was a horrific act of brutality. All of the men’s heads were smashed in, but their bodies were untouched. Jusef knew that not a wolf did this but something else. After he entered the cave, he never came out the same man.

Years Later….

When an airplane lands at New Yorks’ JFK airport, and goes completely still on the runway, the CDC call in Dr. Ephraim Goodweather and his canary team to check it out. There is high tension in the air that this could be a terrorist attack. The picture that we get of the plane is dark and haunting. Not a sole is moving nor can they see into the plane, being the shades are all drawn. Upon finally gaining entrance to the plane, the team is in shock at what they see. No one seems to have a solid theory of what actually happened. Eph, as he is called in the book, keeps trying to rack his brain with numerous possibilities for the cause of this horrific occurrence. Three people did survive this “attack” on the airplane, which in returns introduced many questions. The only other bit of information that they did take away from this was a “casket” type box that was in the cargo hold. It was full of dirt and an aroma that would knock out a person with no nose. The only man who seems to know whats actually going on is a pawnbroker, with prior knowledge to the actualities and forces behind this “attack”. With his help, Eph, and more importantly,the world, hope there can be a stop to this evil that is back and ready to take over the human race and turn them all into blood thirsty vampires!


So as you can expect with the story, the art is on the same level! The monsters he has created for this trilogy are insane. The colors used in this book are heavy on the blues and grays with great detail on the important things. The shading is an integral part of this novel, giving it its haunting and horrific setting. It really gives you the chills, if you can place yourself into the story, of danger being all around.

This is going to be an amazing thing to see it ported to the television. I know most people are like, “oh great another vampire saga blah blah”, well if you think that then you need to quit watching Twilight movies. These vampires are just nuts! They open their mouths and, yeah. They remind me of a mix between some of the creatures in Blade and some of the zombies in the Left 4 Dead video game. The story is a nice twist on the whole vampire genre, and I am sure you will love it. I am already totally stoked to see this pilot. It is rumored to run around three to five seasons, which is nice. The showrunner that is on board with this is Carlton Cuse, whom we recognize as the man behind laying out the hit show Lost. Guillermo did say that he wanted to direct most of the show, which is overly promising that this will not be a dud. I could not find a date for this Pilot release, but if we find one we will be sure to tell yall. At any rate, great read, great writing, great imagination and just overall great. Check back for some updates!