Ei8ht: Darkhorse Comic Review (#1 and #2)

I am back with another great Dark Horse comic review. This new series from Dark Horse is entitled “Ei8ht”. Ei8ht is set in a world that exists back in time. The main character, Joshua, has found himself in a pretty dire situation when he is forced to travel back and execute a mission in order to save his dying partner.

Joshuas’ shuttle crashes in a world he is unfamiliar with, and has no recollection of who he is or why he is being there. He slowly gets his memory back, which is a side effect of the time travel, and also why he wrote the number “8” on his wrist. While trying to contact the professor using his telecom on channel 8, he is told instructions on where to go by an unknown voice. This is when he is confronted by the inhabitants of this dimension in time.

In this moment of time, Joshua is updated on where he is, which is called “The Meld”, and what it holds in store. The Meld is a community consisting of both humans and beasts that work together to fight an evil entity called the Tyrant. With the same agenda as the rebels in The Meld, Joshua must cooperate with them in order to carry out his assignment and also stay alive in this dangerous world. With the help of this group, can Joshua complete this task and save his lady, or will he perish in this strange time dimension? If this assignment is complete will the professor keep his promise? Check back with more to come as we continue to dive into The Meld and their ongoing battle against The Tyrant!