Disney Pixar’s Finding Nemo Blu-ray Review

The deep blue sea is full of danger and interesting looking fish. You will meet sharks that are vegans, well that are trying to be and a blue fish that can talk to whales. You will ride along on the wings of a sting ray as he explains to you what lies deep beneath and catch a flight on the EAC with a hang ten turtle named Crush. Finding Nemo follows a clown fish aptly named Nemo (voiced by Alexander Gould) and his compulsively cautious father, Marlin (voiced by Albert Brooks) on a quest to be reunited once again.

We are introduced to Nemo while he is just a small egg. After the alleged eating of his mother and his brothers and sisters, which were made into snack by a vicious sharp toothed fish, Marlin becomes ultra protective of his short finned son as he grows up in the reef. In the beginning you can feel the love between a father and son, as Nemo is ready to start his first day of school. Marlin does not think his son is ready to leave the sea anemone, but Nemo insists that he can fend for his own. When Marlin overhears one of the fathers talking about the class going to the Drop Off, he is put into panic mode. The picture that Pixar paints here is just a gorgeous canvas of colors and mystery. They give you they effect that this area known as the “Drop Off” is not a place to be playing around at. While Mr. Ray (voiced by Bob Peterson) is talking about the science of the sea and its inhabitants, the three kids Nemo meets convince him to go off with them to the Drop Off. Being this place is forbidden, Nemo finds it hard to want to go, but we all know peer pressure is a B. The three see a “Butt”, or at least thats what Tommy Plankton called it, and dare each other to see how far out they can get. This is when Marlin rushes in and pleads with Nemo not to go out there mainly because his short fin. Nemo, tired of being told he has a handicap goes all the way and touches the “butt” or boat. Suddenly we see a shadowy figure and Nemo is snatched up in a bag and taken away.

With his son now gone, Marlin begins his quest to rescue him from danger. Here we get to meet all types of fun characters as well as some humorous dialogue. Ellen DeGeneres plays the short termed memory Blue Tang named Dory. Dory’s intentions are good, but she of course continues to get on Marlin’s nerves as he is under high stress already. The two battle deep crevice fish as well as befriend a group of reformed sharks whom have plead that they will never eat fish again. The one thing that comes in handy for Marlin is that Dory can read. With this being said, the two get some help along the way in order to guide them in the right direction.

With his father, unknowing if his son is alive, actively fighting his way towards Sydney Australia, we find young Nemo in a fish tank owned by a dentist. Nemo is welcomed by the other fish in the tank; Gill (Willem Dafoe) the scar faced idol fish, a porcupinefish named Bloat (Brad Garrett), the motherly starfish Peach (Allison Janney), Gurgle the royal gamma (Austin Pendleton), the bubble addicted yellow tang aptly named Bubbles (Stephen Root), the schizophrenic blacktail humbug Deb/Flo (Vicki Lewis), the resident pacific cleaner shrimp Jacques (Joe Ranft) and the clumsy yet helpful brown pelican Nigel (Geoffrey Rush). Together the group tries to come up with a plan to get them out of the tank so that Nemo does not become a pet of the fish killer Darla. With word that his father is on his way, and also his claim to fame in doing so, Nemo becomes more motivated to escape this watery prison.

The heartwarming reunion of Marlin and Nemo makes the audience smile. It shows the true love between a father and his son. Though Nemo was just a boy before he was taken away, he has become a man, or grown up fish after overcoming obstacles he was otherwise told he could not overcome. This brings great joy to his father as he is now comfortable with letting his son go off on his own.


The video is a stunning 1080p High Definition feast to the eyes. This movies amazing colors and detail just pop out like crazy with this added effect. Even on DVD this movie had a great picture. Pixar really did a great job at showing the true beauty of the deep blue by bringing out such vibrant colors stretching all the way throughout the spectrum. I was blown away by how crisp and gorgeous the scenery was. I had seen the DVD a long time ago, and recently saw the 3D version in theaters, but being able to have this treat as my own, is a pleasure all in its own. If you are in need of a cornucopia of colors, you will be feasting off of the quality of this video for times to come. 5/5


The audio, like the video is just as stunning. The movie comes at you in a 7.1 DTS-HD Master Audio. What more can I say? The usage of the channels here is spot on. The rear channels are used quite perfectly, giving you the relaxing sounds of the ocean as if you were actually underwater with Nemo. The other channels come through with a crisp clear sound, never over doing it. The voices are clear and recognizable. The music is never over powering. Over all it is a treat to the ears, and, as stated above, will leave you feeling like you are on an undersea adventure with Marlin and Dory. 5/5

Special Features

Note:This is for the 3-Disc Collector’s Edition

Disk One:

*Knick Knack: Short that hints at what was to come six years before the hit Toy Story was created. (HD Min: 4)

*Aquarium: Features one ocean floor scene screen saver. (Other discs contain more) (HD)

*CineExplore: A nice piece with Director Andrew Stanton, Co-Director Lee Unkrich and Co-Writer Bob Peterson as they sit down and reflect on the making of the film in a nice picture-in-picture commentary. Also featured are on screen concept art, storyboards and animation concepts. (HD Min:101)

*Finding Nemo- A Filmmakers’ Roundtable: A 10 year reunion of the director and other individuals responsible for this amazing film. (HD Min:18)

*Reinventing the Submarine Voyage: From Disney’s Tomorrowland, the watcher gets to step aboard the Submarine Voyage and take a peek. (HD Min:15)

*Deleted Scenes: An alternate opening presented in animated concept art. (HD Min:3)

*A Lesson in Flashbacks: Stanton flashes back on the trials and tribulations he learned while developing Nemo’s story.

Disc 2

*Aquariums: More sea floor screen savers (6) (HD)

*Art Review: Production designer Ralph Eggleston, character director Ricky Nierva and shading art director Robin Cooper offer some information about pre-production art.

*Classic Content: Making Nemo: Content pulled from the 2003 DVD Collector’s Edition. This piece gives you information about the teams undersea expeditions to animations in their finality. (SD Min:26). Exploring the Reef: A brief look at the worlds endangered coral reefs with commentary from Cousteau. (SD Min:7). Studio Tour: Alexander Gould explores Pixar’s studio. (SD Min:5). Old School: This is a series of extras; “El Capitan Pitch Selects,” “School Progression,” “MA Reference,” “Whale Mouth,” “International Mine,” “Pelican Animation,” “Glenn McQueen Tribute” and “Aquascum 2003.” (SD Min:9). Outtakes: Dory Muttering, Chickenfish, Rove McManus and Brooks Punch Lines. (SD Min:s). Deleted Scenes: Crush the Hippie, Frantic Dad, Shark Volleyball, Scent of Lavender, Sewage, Prologue Bedtime Stories and Soap Opera/Gil Lies presented to you in storyboard form. (SD Min:6). Publicity Pieces: Consists of four trailers plus some stunts and fish facts. (SD Min:13). Mr. Ray’s Encyclopedia: An interactive encyclopedia with actual pictures of undersea life. (SD). 5/5

There you have it. This 3-Disc Collector’s Edition is a definite buy for those who are fans of Pixar movies. The story is amazing and heartwarming, the colors are vibrant and eye popping and you get a boatload of extras. There is also a 3D version of this for those who have a 3D TV, which consists of 5-Discs one being the normal blu-ray edition. So really its all up to you the consumer. You will not be let down with this classic award winning animated feature film. 5/5