Dark Horse’s The Creep #3

And we are back with a review of a very nice Dark Horse comic entitled The Creep. Oxel is back again in the 3rd book to this saga about a case that has sucked him in so deep, that he can not let it just go unsolved.

Here we find Oxel with so many more questions about the mysterious case in which he has been asked to solve. As he starts to piece some information together of the whereabouts of Jeff, he once again reaches out to Steph to find answers. Oxel then embarks on a trip to Ulmerse, a town he has never heard of before to continue his addiction to this case, only to end up waking up, or not, to what could possibly be a metaphor to his own life, or least thats what I gather out of it.

This story is getting intense to say the least. It leaves you wanting to read the next one as soon as possible. John Arcudi leaves you with more cliffhangers than you can even count. I can not wait to read the next one. So until next time! Keep reading. If you have not checked out the #2 review, give it a swirl if you’d like.