Bankshot #2 Review

After a hiatus, due to the birth of my son, I am back to review a new kick ass comic from the great folks over at Dark Horse. This is the second installment in the Bankshot saga by Alex De Campi. Our protagonist Marcus King takes a bullet to the back which results in him being paralyzed and left without a prayer. But death is not Marcus’ destiny, quite yet. With the help of a beautiful woman and some scientific tinkering, Marcus is back and more kickass then ever. With this overhaul, he embarks on a mission to take down a dangerous enemy from his past: The Dutchman.

Bankshot #2 carries on with our main character Marcus continuing on his mission to destroy the Dutchman. We start out 10 years earlier somewhere in North Africa when Marcus was shot in the back and left for dead. After being found and taken to a hospital, he meets Soraya, the woman who is in charge of keeping an eye on him. Marcus is then visited by someone from the US Embassy to be debriefed. After explaining the events, and showing what he had acquired, the man from the Embassy attempts to kill him. Luckily Soraya was there to give this mystery man a little dose of unconsciousness. Marcus is left to wonder who this man was and why his caretaker was willing to come to his aide.

We then flash forward to present day. The setting is the Russian Embassy in Washington D.C., where we get a glimpse of the plot to take Marcus out.

I really enjoyed how they did the flashbacks to give us more information on what really happened to Marcus to get us to we are now. It definitely gives life to the story and leaves the reader wanting more! We can’t wait to continue this amazingly scripted story.