Have you ever been wasted or on some sort of substance and believed you could do anything? I mean anything. Like lift cars, throw things and just become a superhero? Well there is a man who this happens to and his name is Ruben. Ruben was like any other kid, getting wasted, doing drugs, having fun, but he had a secret that he was unaware of. Whenever this happened, he transformed into a super human! This causes Ruben to join a support group in which he is pretty skeptical about. The end of book 1 leaves us asking many questions. Why does alcohol have such an effect on “Ruben”? Who is the jagged tooth character at the end whom says that Ruben has a problem? Why is the leader of the support group a robot? Also, how many other people possess this cool power?

The first installment of this series is pretty wicked. I found it hard to not want to read on. The concept is quite interesting being that all his friends (well one guy who approaches him after a meeting) too seem to be addicts who have the same life as Ruben. I am most interested how the drugs and alcohol effect these individuals to the point they become super heroes! The art in this is quite interesting to me. There is detail, but throughout you can see the artists pen strokes. Almost like sketch art if you will. It gives it a nice rugged feel as well as a sort of “buzzy” effect.

Check this series out. So far its pretty good. The concept is original and well presented. Check back for updates on the continuation!