Buffy Season 9 Vol 2: On Your Own

Mr. Belding back with some more awesome comic reviews from Dark Horse! Sorry about my absence, but I had a PC harddrive take a dump on me, not literally, so I had to get a new laptop.

Buffy is back with her vampire slaying, ass kicking abilities. The second volume of season 9 consists of two different stories; On Your Own and Apart of Me.


On Your Own starts out in New York in the year of 1973 following a Slayer, named Nikki, whom will play a role further into this story. She is with child, but we are not sure who the child is and the powers that it possesses, as well as who the father actually is! The story then jumps to Buffy questioning who the father could be of her pregnancy as well! This story jumps back and forth showing the significance of Buffy having a child. Buffy seeks out different male companions in a search to find out whom she slept with when she was blacked out drunk at a party. The child that Nikki bared, Robin, was the first individual that Buffy went to for a better understanding. She wanted to know what it was like to have a child while being a slayer and what the impact on that child will be.

Another side story follows a detective named Dowling seeking the help of our good pal Spike to teach him how to kill vampires. Spike, if you are unaware, is a vampire himself, but is out for the greater good, and has always had Buffy’s back when needed. He also owns a spaceship in which he has employed bugs to run. So Buffy reached out to Spike to help this non-slayer type individual learn the ways to dispose of the wretched beasts.

Back to the Buffy being pregnant thing. Once Buffy and Spike finally meet up she has a tough request to ask of him. After her knowledge of what impact being a slayer has on a child, she has decided to do the thing she thinks is best for her and the child’s wellbeing.

After Buffy decides to move out and leave with Spike, Detective Dowling gets involved in the one thing that Spike warned him was the worst thing you could ever face, a Nest. Buffy and Spike have to suddenly get into slayer mode to save their pal. This is when Buffy finds out, she is not who she thinks she is!

Apart of Me follows a young chap named Andrew, who is a wiz kid of some sorts. Buffy seeks him out for answers as to why she is how she is and what happened to the real her. Here we get a back story to the party in which Buffy passed out drunk, and how Andrew was able to switch her mind to another being, thus being able to hide and protect the real Buffy. This of course makes Spike irate, as well as he should be. The evil character, Simone, is also introduced in this volume. Simone has captured and bound Buffy in search of harnessing the slayers unlimited powers. Helping out with the interrogation is Buffy’s actual body with the help of Simone and her liquid slayer in a bottle. This is where we see a nice little battle between Buffy’s in an attempt for the mech-Buffy to get her body back. Spike to the rescue! Buffy finally gets the flesh and bone Buffy to concede, and with the help of Andrew, Buffy the Vampire Slayer is no longer a Mech-Buffy.

The story really jumped around a lot, but in the end of the volume, it all connected somehow. I actually have been enjoying these Buffy comics. They are a fun read, and about slaying vampire zombie things. No you don’t have to be a girl to like Buffy. So give it a run, I am sure you will not be let down.