Beasts of Burden: Hunters and Gatherers Comic Review

Beasts of Burden is a fun series brought to you from Dark Horse Comics and created by Evan Dorkin and art by Jill Thompson. Its an adventurous story about a group of dogs and a few cats whom serve as investigtors who solve paranormal activities in the quaint town of Burden Hill. There is a contagion of sinister forces who threaten the livelihood of the inhabitants of the neighborhood.

In this edition, the group gets wind of a beast that has been terrorizing Burden Hill. After setting a trap to try and capture the ghost, they realize that maybe they underestimated their foe. With their trap set, they defeat the beast, which is labeled a Windslither or up north called a Ghost Mouth. The gang is satisfied with their win and are the talk of the town. What they did not realize is that when the crows were scavenging, they were actually gathering Intel, as well as an eye to be delivered in exchange for a favor. That favor of course could cause some major problems in the small town of Burden Hill.

I really enjoyed the second episode of this series. I am a dog lover, so to see some of the pups they had in here, I had to read it. The mixture of both the pups and their duty to protect the town from supernatural entities is very well scripted. I never thought that anyone would be able to do so and make it entertaining as well! The art is pleasantly done as well. The attention to the make up of the pups and the cats is very detailed in a way that you can tell what the breed is.

Well I can’t wait to read the next one, granted I always say that, but with this one, I am curious to see who this Master is, and how the rats are planning on destroying all that stands in their way! Until then, get your copy over at Dark Horse!!