Archie vs. Predator #1 Comic Review

This has got to be the craziest crossover i have ever read from the amazing folks over at Dark Horse. As the title states, this is a crossover that includes the old time comic character Archie and his gang, and well that evil nemesis that couldn’t find Arnold when he covered himself in mud, the Predator.

The story starts with the gang being bummed about not doing anything different than the norm for spring break and Cheryl and Jason poking fun at them. When Archie pops open a bag of chips, he finds that he had just won a trip to the beautiful Los Perdidos resort.

The shenanigans begin as Archie and his pals decide to have a fashion contest, thus creating a popularity contest amongst the ladies. While relaxing a bit the gang sees something in the sky resembling a shooting star or meteor. Little do they know, this visual is actually a ship landing on the island. Cheryl and Jason end up finding the group while on their way to do a little exploring. After a fight between Betty and Veronica, we find Betty getting roughed up and running away, where she ends up finding a secret cave, the one in which Jason and Cheryl were in search of. Enter the Predator.

I am definitely interested in reading the next one to see how this goes, and how the Predator acts towards the group. After killing Jason and Cheryl, in true Predator style (ripping out the spinal cord), its safe to say that Archie and his friends might be in grave danger. The art is done in a modern way, but you can still see the homage paid to the original Archie comics. Check back!!