Archer Season 3 Review

The suave, smartassed ISIS agent Archer, is back with a whole new season filled with adventures in espionage reconnaissance, Pam and her awkward sexual occurrences and Burt Reynolds. Yes Burt Reynolds.

The spy satire show that can be seen on FX, can be compared to that of a Bond movie, with its main character being a witty and womanizing secret agent. Some may see Archer as a mix between Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan. With that being said, this is probably one of the best, IF not THE best adult cartoon that is can be seen on premium cable in a long time. If you are a fan of this show, you know that Archer has kind of a mom complex, in that he believes that his always drunk mother, never really cared for him.

Archer takes place mainly in the ISIS headquarters building, and is well complimented by its characters. Of course the main character, in which the show is named after, Sterling Archer (H. Jon. Benjamin), is the main focus of this comedy. He is the cocky, gun toting, turtle neck sporting agent whom is the son of ISIS’s “Mum”, Mallory (Jessica Walter). Her office seems to never run out of booze, as well as the glass that she wields. Mallory also has a knack to always be video chatting with her love, and KGB agent, Nikolai Jackov (Peter Newman). If you are smart enough, you can see his name in itself is a sexual innuendo. Around the office you will also meet Judy Greer, who plays Cheryl, the office nymph/ditz. Her incomprehensible longing to be asphyxiated and taken advantage of always seems to make it in the least random places. She is accompanied by Pam (Amber Nash), whom is the chunky HR representative who seems to be sexually frustrated and naked, as well as Cyril (Chris Parnell), whom is the office comptroller and known for his “size” around the office. He is engaged/dating the ISIS badass super agent, Lana (Aisha Tyler) who always seems to end up with Archer in the most unbelievable situations. And lastly, to round out the office employees, we have Dr. Kreiger (Lucky Yates). The Doctor is always coming up with new gadgets for the ISIS agents, as well as funny, kind of creepy as times, dick jokes. Among the above listed characters, you will also meet some less frequent characters, whom as the rest, have their own quirky little characteristics.


The picture quality is a pretty amazing 1080p. You will see that there was no drop off from the first two seasons. The colors are crisp and the picture is basically artifact free. The eyes will be pleased at the work that was done to transfer this to blu ray with such a great quality. 5/5


The audio comes at you in a nice 5.1 DTS surround sound. Like the picture, the sound is clear and crisp. The only downfall is the use of the rear channels. This would have been a nice touch with the ambient noises or during the music. During the fun action scenes, the sound effects never overshadow that of the dialogue, which I have witnessed in a few movies before. This will not blow your speakers (not literally), nor will it shake your house, but it is a very nicely done sound track that has been implemented. 4/5

Special Features

*Commentary on El Contador: As stated
*Commentary on Drift Problem: As stated
*Commentary on Lo Scandalo: As stated
*Heart of Archness Extended Version: Extended version of the 3 part mini arc at the beginning of the season. Always fun to have
*Gator 2 Trailer: This is the Gator 2 trailer starring none other than Burt Reynolds (or a Burt Reynolds look-a-like). As you may or may not know, there is not a Gator 2, nor will there be. This is Archers’ “homemade” attempt at getting funding for the flick from his co-workers. You hear Sterling refer to Mr. Reynolds and his epic Gator movie quite a few times in The Man From Jupiter.
*Book-on-Tape Fail: This is a pretty funny segment (though most stuff involving Archer is just hilarious) of our very own ISIS darling, Sterling, trying to make an audiobook of the Archer handbook. Of course he fails.
*Archer Season 3 at Comic-Con 2012: A message from Archer to the attendees of Comic-Con.
*Cooking with Archer: Archer vs. Alton Brown (well-known cook)in a cook off showdown.

Some pretty funny stuff to have. The writing with the amazing skills of H. Jon Benjamin just make them that much better. So if you enjoy special features, which most of the time I don’t, you will not be too let down by these. They add a little fun to the overall fun of the characters. 3.5/5

I have been a huge Archer fan since the series came out. I find myself watching it over and over, even if I have seen them numerous times. The witty characters along with the smart writing from the team, will leave you laughing as well as saying “WTF” every episode. Fans of the show will not be let down one bit with this set, as the ISIS agents continue on their asinine missions as well as the tomfoolery of its peculiar office staff.

Sterling: Say it. Say it. Say it! Lana: Burt Reynolds in Deliverance. Sterling: No! Not in Deliverance. In Gator! How can you not see that?