Amala’s Blade #0

This is the beginning of the adventurous tale of Amala, an assassin, whom was raised to be the spiritual figure that would help unite a region in turmoil. After fleeing and going into the bounty hunting business, she is constantly visited by voices in her head that appear to her as ghosts. Her boss, the Vizier, cuts her checks, but little is explained about this individual in the opening act. In the world where Amala exists consists of two types of people; Modifiers, whose hearts are located on the right side of their bodies, and the Purifiers, who have been at war with each other for many years.


Our introduction to this sarcastic, sword wielding maiden starts off with her boarding the Pirate Ship Behemoth, which houses her bounty, The Mighty Cha’Kooh. Amala of course runs into a little trouble with the inhabitants of the ship, and must protect herself from their subpar melee skills, which seems quite easy being she is very crafty with a blade. Will Amala be the one who brings the two feuding groups of people together like she was intended to do, or will her stubborn ways and pocket filling get in the way?

After reading this I had a few questions, which I put above. Who is this Vizier character, and will the ghost of her father somehow convince her to follow the path in which she was supposed to follow. Also, the name of the series, Amala’s Blade created a question as well. What is this “blade” they speak of?? The story is very easy to read, with little dialogue, which I know will pick up the further we get into the story. The artist elements used really helped set the mood in this first book. Lots of darker colors and thick lines.

I am definitely interested to continue this story. Amala’s Blade Skull and Crossbones was featured in Dark Horse Presents #9, #10 and #11. The concept is pretty interesting, and a badass girl who can use a sword, as well as showing off some ninja skills! As usual thanks a ton to the folks at Dark Horse for a quality product!