Adventure Time Season 1 & 2 Awesomeness

So we are back with a review of a show that if you have not watched, you should definitely start. Adventure Time is a series on Cartoon Network and stars one of my favorite voices in cartoons, John DiMaggio, as well as Tom Kenny (Spongebob) and Jeremy Shada.

The show follows Finn, a young boy, and Jake, his magical dog, as they travel through the Land of Ooo in search of adventure. The Land of Ooo is filled with imaginative creations as well as unforgettable characters! One thing that Adventure Time is that you can always rely on expecting the unexpected. The replay value of the show is one of its biggest pluses!


The video is presented pretty well, considering the flat animations and lack of intense details. They did cram all 26 episodes on one disc, which might have sacrificed some quality, but not enough to even come close to ruining your visual experience.


This part of the blu-ray is what kind of hurts it a tad (just a tad don’t worry!). With the idea of putting 26 episodes and 26 commentaries on one disc for each season, you get a lack of quality sound. The 2.0 transfer can be noticed, but like I have said a million times, it will not kill your Adventure Time fun! It would have been nice to use two discs and give the viewer a 5.1 sound, but the mixing is done well enough to pass.


The first season had a few extras; Animatics, Featurettes, Music Video, Finndemonium and The Wand, but other than that there are no real exciting special features. Season 2 lack any features other than an interview with the crew. I personally, am not a huge special features guy, unless it’s something that is just epically beautiful and I am curious on how they made it (See Avatar/Star Wars), so this will hopefully not really drag you down.

Overall, this is a great buy! The price is low, the adventures are high and the laughs and fun is abundant. Yeah I know I sounded like a cheesy salesman there, but seriously guys, its a fun show, even if you are not a kid! Check it out!