47 Ronin Review

“To know the story of the 47 Ronin is to know Japan.”

We are back with another amazing release from the kind people over at Dark Horse Comics (@darkhorsecomics). This one is entitled 47 Ronin. It is an epic tale about the legendary band of *Ronin, 47 to be exact, that waged revenge on the Shogonate after their master is disgracefully treated and ordered to commit **seppuku after unsheathing his sword on Kira Yoshinaka.

This feud started when Lord Asano became outraged when Kira ordered him to pay a bribe for his teachings. When word circulated back to Castle Ako that Lord Asano was sentenced to death the same day as the trial, his clan was outraged. With this news, Oishi summons the retainers to gather in the square for he had an announcement. With the promise to head out to Castle Edo, Oishi and the rest of the ronin embark on a mission to reveal the truth with a chip on their shoulders.

*ronin are masterless or lordless samurai during the feudal period of Japan
**Seppuku is a form of Japanese suicide by way of disembowelment

This comic is delightfully presented and illustrated. You can tell that the author, Mike Richardson, along with artist Stan Sakai and editorial consultant Kazuo Koike, scrupulously researched about the time period and translated it to a comic book. You can see the authentic styles of ancient Japanese culture present in every page. It almost feels like a mini history lesson with a small pinch of fictional seasoning. I really enjoyed reading the first two and will be looking out for the third installment. Check it out for sure.