The Secret Book Review

Personally I have never read “The Secret” all I [think] I know about it is that it was recommended by Oprah and then catapulted to the top of every stupid book list there is. It was also featured on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia in “The Gang Gets Extreme: Home Makeover”. In this episode the guys make vision boards which they put the things they want on, in order to visualize the things they want… or something like that. Charlie’s was basically a bunch of pictures of Ty Pennington, Mac’s was pictures of him banging some chicks in the desert in a Ferrari or something, and I can’t remember what Dennis and Dee had on theres, but I figured it was time to read and review this book.

I didn’t get very far, actually I never even went to look for the book in a store, instead Kevin sent me a review of the book that made me realize the full power of the book is not in the words itself, but what lies within…. itself.

Check out the review after the jump, it’s sure to make you want to find a copy for yourself, if for nothing else, just to have for protection.