Someone Get Me Out of Chicago, Please

Who else lives in Chicago and had the worst commute ever yesterday? I work about 20 miles from where I live and it’s normally about a 30-35 minute drive using the highway on a normal day, without the highway it’s about 40-45 depending on which lights I catch. Yesterday though, it took me 3 hours to get from work to my parents house, which is 8 miles from work! The highway was a parking lot so I took locals which was fine until I hit Waukegan Rd which was backed up through at least 3 towns due to down power lines in the town furthest away from me, but it was the way I needed to take home… Needless to say I didn’t make it. At the 2 hour mark I decided to just go to my parents house instead of going all the way home and either wait out the traffic/snow or just stay there for the night, but it still took another hour to get there. I ended up just staying there, hopefully today won’t be that bad.

It took my co-worker 4 hours to get from Work to the North side of Chicago using locals. Took another friend 2 hours to get back to his work from a job site, then another 45 minutes to get home (Northbrook to Wheeling). And his roommate got home in about 4 hours (not sure from where) but his windshield cracked on the way too! A friend of a family friend said it took her 5 and a half hours to get from Congress (on 94) to the junction, that’s insane.  What a shitty, shitty commute yesterday and I heard that we’re supposed to get more snow/ice starting tomorrow afternoon/night… ugh, I hate Chicago weather. I’m leaving work at the first sign of snow tomorrow, I don’t care if it’s just flurries, I refuse to sit in 4 hours of traffic to get home.

So how was everyone elses commute yesterday?