Weekend Festivities and Site Updates

We had yet another busy weekend consisting of a rehearsal dinner on Friday that the g/f was in. After that we drove down to Wrigleyville to Sluggers and hung out with everyone for KP and Jamie’s birthdays and enjoyed some dueling pianos along with Alan getting up on the pianos, grinding on 2 random chicks, then taking his shirt off and swinging it around his head for a full minute. A friend of ours bet hime $100 he wouldn’t do it… he did and was $100 richer.

Saturday consisted of waking up ass early to come back to my place and sleep for a few hours before picking up a friend to head down to meet the girls at the wedding ceremony. I’ve honestly never seen sponsors at a wedding. They had people sponsor the candles, a vail, a cord, and probably some other stuff, I don’t remember, it started to get long. Maybe I’m just used to white people weddings, but it was a nice ceremony. After that we had about 3-4 hours to kill before the reception so the girls were in the wedding party so they were busy, so we just went and ate/drank at the Ram while watching whatever games were on. The wedding was fun, a break dancing circle definitely broke out in the middle of the dance floor and they weren’t half bad.

Today, I’ve done pretty much nothing. I haven’t left the couch. You can check out my twitter feed in the sidebar and see exactly what I did. I caught up on TV shows from last week, watched 2 netflix movies (Run Fatboy Run and The Fist Foot Way), which you’ll probably see mini-reviews for tomorrow. And now I’m watching the Bears game. Finally our busy season is over, things will settle down from here on out. No more weddings, no more traveling (for weddings), we just get to relax for the next few weekends and then go into hibernation when it gets cold in Chicago. So on that note, gonna watch the end of the bears game and get to sleep.

Site Upates: Added my twitter feed to the right sidebar which I update during the day when I’m not blogging about random shit.